Mrs.Highbrow Dyotics Tint Remover
Mrs.Highbrow Dyotics Tint Remover

Tint Remover

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With Tint Remover you effectively remove stains that have developed by dyeing the eyebrows with brow henna or regular dye. And when your brows have accidentally turned out to be too dark, you can also make them lighter. 

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Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Limonene, Citrus Aurantifolia Oil, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalool

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natasja de koning

Tint Remover

Amber Bekkers

Moest even wennen aan de nieuwe verpakking kleur, maar echt een musthave! Ideaal om na het aanbrengen van de henna de randjes nog strakker te maken en eventuele foutjes te corrigeren. Ik kan niet zonder. :)

With Dyōtics Tintremover you can quickly and effectively remove stains that appear on the skin when dyeing the eyebrows or lashes. But you can also use it to lighten eyebrows that have inadvertently become a little too dark when dyed.

How to use Dyōtics Tintremover

- Drop some tint remover on a cotton swab and go past newly painted henna brows, to make them even tighter
- Put some tint remover on a cotton wool pad to lighten newly dyed, too dark eyebrows
- Use the tint remover to remove eyebrow dye from the skin under the eyebrows if you only want dyed hairs.

Oops, really too dark!

It can happen: you've dyed someone's eyebrows, but the color scares her. Way too dark. It's not your fault, your client might have had something else on her mind. Or you didn't get her right. But whatever it is, you have to do something! First try to remove the color as much as possible with tint remover. Can't you do that? Then more powerful measures are allowed. Make some Refectocil Blonde, and apply it to the eyebrows. The dye sometimes has to retract 15-20 to remove the color from the brows. But just to be sure, check every 5 minutes. And beware: if you blonde them completely, the eyebrows can become reddish. Decolouring the eyebrows is therefore a real emergency. And sometimes a few minutes are enough just to remove that hardness.

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