Dyōtics Brow Henna

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Color - Honey

Stunning brows with Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna. Available in six natural shades. Colors the hairs for 5 to 6 weeks, and the skin for up to 14 days. Tip: order the Master Kit for only €198.

  • For professionals
  • 6 gram for 40-50 applications 
  • Tattoo effect up to 14 day

Customer Reviews

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Guzel Ozguven
Erg mooi resultaat

Het is erg fijn om mee te werken, het resultaat is top en blijft lang zitten.

Dyõtics Hennabrows

Ik gebruik deze henna al jaren en ben er heel erg tevreden over.

Annagracia Tammenga
Best Henna so far

I've tried a couple of brands before using this one. After the first try i was already sold! Really love everything about it!

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna is the number 1 for professionals. High quality Indian henna that colors the eyebrows hairs ánd skin. For a tattoo effect up to 14 days.

Available shades

Honey: fairly warm blond, for women (and men of course) with light eyebrows and light skin

Taupe: a fine blonde-brown shade, for blonde to dark blonde eyebrows on light to medium skin

Hazelnut: nice warm brown color, which is certainly not too red

Natural Brown: a natural brown effect, for eyebrows on light to medium skin

Ash Brown: a dark shade with an ashy and cool effect, for the tinted to dark skin

Raven: an extra dark shade, especially for eyebrows on dark skin

That's how you do it

Clean and degrease the eyebrows with Skin Prep Lotion. The cleaner the skin, the better the henna will be able to do its job. Afterwards, dry the skin very well. Tip: ask your client in advance to scrub his or her brows at home. Fewer dead skin cells also means that the henna will grab better and stay longer.

Mix the henna with 8-10 drops Treatment Enhancer, or warm to hot water: 1 scoop of henna with 12-15 drops of water. There is a pipette in each box.

Apply the henna paste gradually and make super tight lines. When you do get a bit out of line, you don't have to worry. You can remove these irregularities with Dyōtics Tint Remover. And if you still need a little help making the tightest lines, use the Brow Mapping Thread in particular.

Allow the henna to soak in for at least 20 minutes for the most long-lasting result. To create a smooth embracing effect, remove the onset of the henna after just 5 to 10 minutes.

Remove the henna with a damp cotton pad. This is easy, because Dyōtics' henna does not become very hard.

First Test

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna is made from the purest Indian henna. But pigments have been added to give the powder the beautiful shades of brown. And to make sure the henna stays on the skin for a long time. One of the added ingredients is p-phenylenediamine (ppd). In very low quantities, but still this can cause nasty skin complaints. That's why you should always do a patch test with a client who gets henna brows for the first time. Especially if you're going to work with Ash Brown or Raven it's a must, because there's a little more ppd in there than in the light shades. For the test you always use one of these shades. Even if you're actually planning on dyeing the eyebrows with Honey or Taupe.

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