Dyōtics Brow Henna Master Kit

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Everything you need for beautiful Henna Brows in the luxurious Master Kit! With Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna from blonde to black, so you can provide perfect eyebrows for every type of woman or man.

  • Tattoo effect for up to 10 days
  • Complete, affordable Kit
  • 6 stunning shades
  • EU certified

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    Super! Werkt makkelijk en kleur komt er mooi uit

    Jeline Kramer
    I love this set!

    Makkelijk in gebruik en de kleur pakt snel!

    The Brand Of Specialists In Luxury Master Kit

    Get started right away with the Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna Master Kit. Because it contains everything you need to create the most beautiful Henna Brows. Six jars of 6 grams each, which is good for about 50 treatments. With one luxurious package, you can enhance up to 300 pairs of brows.

    The Benefits of Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna

    • Tattoo effect for up to 10 days. The henna doesn't just color the hairs, but also the skin.
    • The henna does not harden and is therefore easy to remove from the skin with a damp cotton pad.
    • The colors do not turn out red.
    • The Tint emover can also be used with regular dye.
    • Ideal for dark skin thanks to the Brow Henna shade Raven.

    Unboxing Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna Master Kit

    • Brow Henna Honey: a warm blonde shade, for individuals with light eyebrows and light skin tones.
    • Brow Henna Taupe: to provide blonde to dark blonde eyebrows with a beautiful brown hue.
    • Brow Henna Hazelnut: a lovely warm brown color that is definitely not too red.
    • Brow Henna Natural Brown: natural-looking eyebrows for light to lightly tinted skin.
    • Brow Henna Ash Brown: a cool dark brown shade for brows on medium to dark skin tones.
    • Brow Henna Raven: our darkest shade. Perfect for dark skin tones or for mixing with other colors to darken them slightly.
    • Skin Prep Lotion: to clean and degrease the eyebrows before treatment.
    • Tint Remover: to easily correct any mistakes.
    • Treatment Enhancer: mix it with the brow henna for a better imprint on the skin.
    • Double-sided henna brush: the perfect brush for precise henna application.

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