Skin Prep Lotion

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Skin Prep Lotion makes the skin squeaky clean. And that is important. Because the cleaner the skin, the better you can apply Brow Henna, Hybrid Dye, or PowerStain. And the longer the color will ultimately last.

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Skin prep lotion

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Mrs.Highbrow Skin Prep Lotion is the perfect tool for optimal skin care before tinting your eyebrows. Whether it's Brow Henna, Hybrid Dye, or Powerstain, this delightful lotion creates a clean canvas. This ensures better color absorption and longer lasting results. Additionally, the Skin Prep Lotion calms the skin and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

Does your client wear a lot of makeup? First, remove it with a makeup remover. Then, Mrs.Highbrow Skin Prep Lotion ensures that any oily residues from the remover disappear like snow in the sun.

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