Lash Elevation Master Kit

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Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation lifts and curls the eyelashes, making them appear much longer. Thanks to the short processing time, you will be ready in only 45 minutes. 

  • For professionals
  • Only 5-8 minutes per lotion
  • 15 treatments
  • Complete Kit

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Beautiful long lashes, without extensions. Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation elevators and curls lashes from root to tip, making lashes appear optically longer. The false lash effect, but completely natural.

Good To Know

1. Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation is designed for professional beauticians. We recommend taking an(online) course before performing lash elevator treatments.

2. The result of the lash elevation depends on the natural lashes. With very short or stiff lashes, the result will be less visible, or the treatment is even completely inadvisable.

3. Lash Elevation is not a replacement for mascara, as it does not thicken lashes. Advise your clients to use mascara for an extra wow effect. Mascara can be used starting 24 hours after treatment.

Incorporation times

Steps 1 & 2.

Fine lashes 5 min.

Normal lashes 6-7 min.

Stiff lashes 8 min.

Step 3 let sit for 1 minute.

The Right Aftercare

Give your client proper aftercare advice for optimal results after lash elevator treatment.

  • For the first 24 hours after treatment, lashes should be treated with care: avoid steam baths and saunas during this time, avoid excess water on lashes and do not use mascara.
  • After 24 hours, the client can treat her eyelashes as she normally would.
  • If irritation occurs, the client should return to the salon or seek medical advice.
  • Advise against using waterproof mascara while the client is enjoying the lash elevator.
  • The treatment can be repeated every 6-8 weeks, depending on the natural lash cycle.

Step By Step The Most Beautiful Lash Lift

1. Clean the eye area with an oil-free product to remove dirt and makeup residue.

2. For even better results, put some drops of Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer on a cotton pad and go over the lashes with it.

3. Have the client open the eyes and look at you. Apply eyepads directly on top of the lower lashes and ask the client to close the eyes once they are comfortably placed.

4. Apply Adhesive to the back of the silicone shield.* Place the shield as close to the roots on the eyelid as possible. Carefully lift the brow when placing the elevator shields to ensure proper adhesion.

5. Apply adhesive in small portions to the top of the lash shield. Using the lash elevator tool or Lash Elevation Brush, gently pull the lashes firmly onto the shield. Do this lash by lash.

6. From the front, check that it is done as symmetrically as possible on both eyes.

7. Apply Step 1 Lifting Cream with a clean microbrush. Apply the cream from the root to 2/3 of the lash.

8. Allow to soak in (see Soaking Time). Once the soaking time is up, remove the Lifting Cream with a cotton swab in upward motions. Wipe off excess on a tissue.

9. Apply Step 2 Setting Cream with a clean microbrush from the root to 2/3 of the lash.

10. Allow to soak in (see soaking time). After the time has elapsed, remove with a cotton swab in upward strokes and wipe the excess on a tissue.

11. Use a cotton swab in small circular motions to detach the lashes from the elevator shields. Remove the lash elevator shields.

12. Dye the lashes if necessary. Leave on for up to 6 minutes. Because the lashes have just been treated, the dye works faster.

13. Gently brush the eyelashes with a disposable spoolie.

14. If desired, apply Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex, a booster for healthy lashes! Apply generously to lashes, including the tips, with a microbrush or applicator. Leave on for 5 minutes.

15. Apply Step 3 Conditioning Oil over the full length of lashes. Let sit for 60 seconds.

16. Wipe from root to tip with two cotton swabs to remove excess product, including glue left on lashes.

17. Remove the eyepads.

* When using the Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy, no glue is needed to attach the shields to the eyelids.

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