How To Increase Your Turnover

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Inflation is affecting everyone, which is why it's so important to take a close look at the prices of your treatments. But even with the busy holiday season ahead, you may be able to get more out of your business. How do you make more sales in a day? Mrs.Highbrow offers 7 tips from real-world experience.

- By Desi van Dijk

1. Put Your Prices Under The Microscope

All costs go up every year, this is just a fact. Therefore, the prices in your salon cannot get left behind and must be adjusted as well to make the same (or more) sales.

It may feel strange to adjust your prices, but we promise that your clients will understand! After all, their own utility bills and grocery costs are also going up by leaps and bounds.

Consider a price increase between €2 to €5 per service, depending on the treatment. Make sure to let your customers know a bit in advance so that the price increase will not be an unpleasant surprise. Wondering when's the right time? The New Year is a perfect time to adjust your prices, and you can already announce the upcoming changes now.

2. Combine Treatments For More Revenue

To make more sales in a day, it's smart to combine treatments. For example, during a Brow Lamination, you can do a Lash Lift at the same time. Or during a Henna Brow treatment, you should have enough time to dye the eyelashes too! This way you combine 2 treatments in the time of 1.

Offer the treatments as a fun combo deal, to make it even more attractive to book both treatments together. Think carefully about how much time you will spend on the treatments in total though, because if you make the deal too cheap, it won't get you anything extra in the end.

Mrs.Highbrow Brow lamination Master Kit

P.S. Our Brow Lamination Master Kit has been updated! Now it comes in an even more luxurious box.

3. Say No To No Shows

Besides latecomers, as a beauty specialist, you have to deal with clients who don't show up at all. We all know too well how frustrating it is when you reserve time for someone, disappointing other clients in the process who wanted that time, and then leaving a hole in your schedule. Even worse? You lose sales because of these no-shows.

To prevent no-shows, it's very important to have a good policy in place. Be clear about the consequences of not showing up or late cancelling by having a clear cancellation policy.

Our recommendation? Include in the confirmation email what your policy is regarding cancellation or rescheduling, as well as in the reminder email. For example, send a reminder 48 hours in advance and give the customer one day to reschedule or cancel the appointment free of charge if it's not convenient.

What about when your client cancels within 24 hours before the appointment? We suggest in this instance that you charge 50% of the treatment or the entire treatment cost. If you communicate this clearly in the confirmation and reminder emails, you'll find that clients will not balk over this later and you will have far fewer no shows.

Want an example of a clear email? Read this blog post and learn how to prevent no shows!

4. Keep A Tidy Workspace

When your workspace isn't cluttered, you have less searching to do and can perform your treatments faster. Not only this, of course, but it looks much nicer and tidier for your client's impression. Always make sure you have all your products within easy reach, and a display with all your products on the table next to your treatment chair is a great option to work tidy and clean.

We developed a luxury makeup display that's perfect to keep all your makeup organized and beautiful, so it's not just convenient, but looks gorgeous too!


Mrs.Highbrow's Lash Lift and Brow Lamination products have shorter soaking times, so you can do your treatments quickly. Because time = money.

5. Time-Saving Products

To truly work faster, you need efficient products. When developing new products, this is one of the priorities of our development team here at Mrs.Highbrow. One product that helps you save time during your treatments is the Lash Elevation Brush, and it's the latest mush-have for the perfect Lash Lift.

The Lash Elevation Brush has fine, dense bristles that are gentle on the lashes, yet incredibly effective at separating and attaching each lash to the lifting shield. This allows you to work faster, and get the most beautiful results.

Click here to read more about this newest essential tool!

Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation Brush

In addition, our Lash Lift and Brow Lamination products have also been optimized - with shorter application times - so that you can perform your treatments faster. Because as we've mentioned before: time is money.

6. Clear Communication

It may sound logical, but it's crucial to be clear in all your communication. By clearly stating in advance what you are going to do or how much something costs, you can avoid hassles afterwards. Otherwise, all you're doing is trying to satisfy customers and solve problems, which can take up a lot of time.

While a clear and concise price list helps ensure that you're safe in that respect, it's especially important to communicate well during treatment. If you see that a client has fairly stiff hairs and she insists on a Brow Lamination, be clear that the result may be slightly different than she hopes for. Communicate this well before and during the treatment to manage expectations.

Only sell products that are consistent with the treatments you provide. Jewelry or other accessories often don't do as well in a beauty salon.

7. Selling Make Up

It's no secret that that owning a salon is hard work. Even if you have four treatment chairs and they are always filled, at some point you've hit your maximum if you can't fit more chairs. So how nice is it when you can increase your daily turnover by making additional sales? Imagine what can happen when a customer not only buys a treatment, but also a product. One caveat being that it's typically better to sell products that match the treatments you give, for example, jewelry or other accessories often don't do as well in a beauty salon.

Customers come for a particular treatment, and generally they are really only interested in products that prolong the effect of that specific treatment. If you focus on, say, Henna Brows, Lash Lifts or Brow Lamination, makeup products that match these treatments will often sell well.

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix creates fluffy brushed-up brows, similar to the effect you get with Brow Lamination. Therefore, this makes it the perfect product to sell to clients who have just had a brow lamination. Brow Fix gives full brushed-up brows again if the effect of the brow lamination has waned a bit after a few weeks.

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