Powerstain Liquid Dye

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Color - Desert Sand

Discover the groundbreaking Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain! Beautifully colored hairs in just 10 minutes that last for up to 6 weeks, and a bold tattoo effect for up to 7 days. Perfection in an instant!

  • Liquid eyebrow dye
  • Colored hairs for up to 6 weeks
  • Tattoo effect for up to 7 days
  • For Hybrid & Airbrush Brows
  • Mix with Mrs.Highbrow Developer or Airbrush Activator.

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Myke Roels

PowerStain Liquid Dye

Ne tient pas

J’ai essayé différents produits et je pensais que celui-ci tiendrait ses promesses mais non. Je suis fort déçue car il ne tient pas. J’ai dépensé 60 euros (sur le tint, le remover et le developper ainsi que les frais divers) pour un produit qui tient aussi longtemps que le produit que j’utilise souvent et qui me coute 4 euros. Le remover est corrosif et nettoie aussi bien que l’eau, son utilisation est inutile.
Je ne peux même pas donner 1 étoile. Il y a un écart énorme entre les promesses et la réalité. Mauvais produit, je déconseille, cela ne vaut pas du tout son prix.

With Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain, you can quickly create perfect eyebrows with long-lasting results. The hybrid dye adheres well to the skin and only needs to sit for 10 minutes. This allows you to work more efficiently and treat many clients in a day.

The cost per treatment is only €0.35, making the dye economical. PowerStain is also suitable for Airbrush Brows and can be mixed with Airbrush Activator in a 1:1 ratio.

6 Shades of PowerStain

  • Cool Mist is the lightest color, suitable for light skin and blonde brows. The color is subtle and less suitable for Airbrush Brows.
  • Desert Sand is a light brown shade for blonde clients or light skin tones that don't want a dark color.
  • Ginger Snap is a reddish-brown shade, ideal for warm brown eyebrows, and can be mixed with Muddy Mocha or Coffee Bean.
  • Muddy Mocha is a natural brown shade, not too warm and not too cool.
  • Coffee Bean is a dark brown shade, suitable for dark hair and (lightly) tinted skin.
  • Velvet Noir is nearly black and suitable for dark skin tones, to leave a distinct impression on the skin.

Step By Step PowerStain Hybrid Brows

  1. Perform an allergy test with PowerStain 48 hours before the treatment, just like with Henna Brows. If there is no reaction after 48 hours, it can be safely used.
  2. Thoroughly clean and degrease the eyebrows with Skin Prep Lotion for optimal adhesion of PowerStain. Make sure the skin is dry.
  3. Shape the eyebrows in the desired shape with wax or thread.
  4. Mix 2 drops of PowerStain with 1 drop of Mrs.Highbrow Developer and mix well.
  5. Use Brow Mapping Thread or Contour Paste to create precise lines.
  6. Gradually apply PowerStain Hybrid Dye to cover all hairs and skin. Use Tint Remover for any irregularities.
  7. Let the PowerStain sit for 5-10 minutes or remove the application from the roots after 2-3 minutes for an ombre effect.
  8. Easily remove the dye with a moist cotton pad from the eyebrows after the processing time.

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