Grow your business with these 3 IG Story Apps

Versterk je business met deze 3 IG Story Apps; Mrs.Highbrow

The best way to showcase your beautiful brow work? Instagram Stories! The best way to engage with your brow clients? Instagram Stories! Make sure to stand out in the crowd and to create Stories that do your brow art justice. Find our top 3 apps for making beautiful Instagram Stories below!

 Canva; Mrs.Highbrow

1. Canva

This app offers tons of beautiful pre - built templates to design not only for insta stories but also posts, flyers and everything else you can think of. To get started you need to select a template , upload your image, edit and post. You can also adjust, crop and rotate images ( and videos) in the app.

- You can check out the app on either iOS , Android and Desktop

- Available for free and premium version

- 60,000+ templates- Over 1 million background images

- Design tools like design grids, photo vignette, photo blur, and photo enhancer

- A large collection of stickers, badges, icons, frames, and textures

Unfold, Mrs.Highbrow

2. Unfold

Unfold is similar to Canva. It allows you to use plenty of very aesthetically pleasing templates to upload your pictures and videos. You can make photo collages, speed up and slow down the videos and come up with creative backgrounds for your photos.

You can also add text to your stories. The app has plenty of fonts to choose from.

- You can check out the app on either iOS or Android

- Available for free and premium version

- 25 free templates, 60+ premium templates

- 5 plus font types and advanced text options

- Supports both photo and video formats

Mojo; Mrs.Highbrow


Mojo has a lot of amazing templates and adds animations to your stories. It's very user friendly and intuitive. If you want to sell something or add a swipe up you only have to add a photo or video and mojo will animate it for you. This way you'll save time with creating it yourself.

- You can check out the app on either iOS or Android

- Available for free and premium version

- Has multiple templates

- You can add custom fonts

- Supports both photo and video formats

No matter how many templates there are, it's important to develop your own unique style. Customize all your templates to your style, so it becomes familiar to your followers. What does your brow art stand for? What makes your salon unique? Put that on paper and translate it to beautiful Instagram Stories that are doing your work justice. What are your favorite apps to work with? Let us know in the Mrs.Highbrow Stylist Community op Facebook.