Autumn inspiration to spice up your salon

It’s important to adjust your salon decor to the seasons and weather outside as that also impacts people's aura.
Your salon decor has to match customers' ambience in order for them to feel good when they come in.
Even though it's getting cold and dark outside you can keep up the positive spirit and create a cozy, warm feeling in your salon.

Read on our 3 top tips on how you can easily spice up your salon now that rainy days are coming.


Apple-cinnamon candles

The apple-scented candles are a classic way to announce that “autumn is in the air”. They create a warm and cozy ambiance. The sweet smell creates a warm and homey aura which is perfect when you come from the cold and rainy outside.

Check these DIY ideas where you can make cinnamon candles yourself with the use of cinnamon sticks.


Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is not only delicious but very beneficial for your health. It is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that it increases the Yang energy in the body. Also, spicy ginger improves the circulation and combined with honey is incredibly soothing when we are feeling chilled. For more warming spice you can add a cinnamon stick in the tea.


Interior Decor & accessoires

If you would like to adjust your interior design to an autumn vibe you should go for heavier fabrics and dark colors. You can choose darker colored pillows which will give your salon a cozy feel. In terms of colors, add reds, oranges and browns to your decor. If you're looking for an extra autumn feeling add a few natural accents such as leaf arrangements or pine cone clusters.

Henna Work Station, Mrs.Highbrow

Work related decor

Henna Brows, we all love it. But did you know; It's time consuming. To get more out of this, a well organized work station is crucial. With our brand new Dyotics work station you have all your henna products clearly arranged. So that you can focus of what you do best: creating beautiful brows, without another customer who is eagerly waiting to be treated. Plus it's also looks beautiful and professional in your salon!

Decoration and accessories don’t always have to be expensive. For more inspiration check out this website where you can find plenty Cheap and Easy Fall Decor DIY Ideas.

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