Spot On Mrs.Highbrow Distributor Kymberley

Kymberley Hooper Mrs.Highbrow distributor
Kymberley Hooper (40) is the owner of beautysalon The Rabbit Room and academy The Beauty Bae ánd is one of Mrs.Highbrow's distributors in Australia. Furthermore she was voted in the Top 3 brow artists in Brisbane. Time to learn more about this ambitious beauty. 
Kymberley started just four years ago in the beauty business. After she quit her job at an engineering firm located in Brisbane. Completely unrelated to the beauty industry, but she took her chances. And successfully so. Kymberley: "Originally I just started doing lash extensions, but I had quite a few clients asking if I could do their brows, so I invested in my waxing certificate. I teamed up with PhiBrows and have done several henna courses over the years. People started asking me if I could help them with their application and how I did certain things. After about twelve months of being asked to help others, I decided I wanted to train people properly and help anyone that was struggling with mapping or application. Thus The Beauty Bae was born." 

"My job allows me to make women feel confident and beautiful. There is nothing more rewarding"

Training other specialists

Kymberley is very passionate about training other specialists. "There is nothing quite like knowing that you have contributed to someone else's financial autonomy and helped to give them the tools to succeed within their craft."
Beside helping other specialists Kymberley still makes time for treatments, just because she loves it too much. "My job allows me to make women feel confident and beautiful. There is nothing more rewarding."
What make eyebrows so special? Kymberley: "They frame the face and can enhance ones beauty. Even make women appear younger if done correctly. Eyebrows are so important to get right."

"I have tried many other brands, but none come close to being as good as Dyotics!"

Dyotics Brow Henna

Who or what is your biggest inspiration? Kymberley: "Oh gosh! There are so many! Mrs.Highbrow for example. I love watching incredible artists and trying to mimic their work so I can be the best artist I can be." 
That's a big compliment! We in turn are more than excited that Kymberley has chosen Mrs.Highbrow and Dyotics. Why these brands? "I just love them! Your henna is the best I have ever tried. It doesn't hold extremely warm tones and the colors are just beautiful and natural. The lamination system is gentle on the skin and has a really great finish. I have tried many other brands in the past, but none come close to being as good as yours!" 

Bunch Of Incredible Brow Artists 

The question if she has more plans for the future, is a sounding yes. "I would love to move into a commercial space and have a bunch of incredible brow artists working for me. I was recently voted in the Top 3 brow artists in Brisbane, so I want to use that to help build an even bigger client base and following. My end goal is provide a high level of education and be a contributing member of the lash and brow community here in Australia."
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