Boost Your Customers And Turnover With The Most Beautiful Look

4 products

4 products

From pomade to eyebrow pencil. Plus the finest brushes and accessories. For perfecting the brows, Mrs.Highbrow offers several makeup products, such as the ultra-fine Micro Brow Liner and the Pro Powder Pencil for true power brows. Try our Brow Soap or Brow Gel to fix the brows in this look all day long. Easy to use with stunning effects. That's Mrs.Highbrow's makeup.

Let Your Clients Shine 

As an eyebrow specialist you know the effect of a perfect eyebrow treatment. Intensely happy customers who didn't know they could have such beautiful brows. By working with Mrs.Highbrow make-up in your salon, you can let your clients leave as the very best version of themselves. Because there's no better finishing touch after an eyebrow treatment than a sleek highlighter or some extra color using an eyebrow pencil. But Mrs.Highbrow brow makeup also allows you to increase your revenue. After all, what customer doesn't want that perfect at-home pencil or to extend the effect of a brow laminating treatment using Brow Soap?

Become A Mrs.Highbrow Reseller!

You can find our makeup here for the same price as in the salons, only that excluding VAT. So it is not profitable to resell the makeup. Unless you are an official Mrs.Highbrow reseller and enjoy a purchase discount. Do you want to become a reseller? And start offering Mrs.Highbrow in your salon? Send an e-mail to (or send a message via the chat function on this website). We will then tell you all about the conditions and the minimum starting order. Start tomorrow as an official reseller of Mrs.Highbrow make-up and let every client walk out the door looking radiant!