Barbicide Disinfection Immersion Medium

Barbicide Disinfection Immersion Medium

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Barbicide is the number one sanitizer. Put all your tools - such as scissors, tweezers, combs and brushes - into this disinfectant, after which they are bacteria and virus free in just 30 seconds.

The Barbicide disinfection dipper is of high quality. Made of sturdy glass with a stainless steel dipper and a rubber base. In the dipper Barbicide concentrated liquid is used to disinfect tools very easily.

Especially for the eyebrow specialist

Hygiene is paramount. Whether you're an eyebrow specialist, pedicure, manicurist or hairdresser. And so it's important to thoroughly clean your tools after every treatment. Ordinary cleaning is not enough. Disinfection goes one step further. It prevents instruments and tools such as tweezers, scissors, nail tongs and combs from becoming a source of contamination. With the chance that your clients catch a disease in your salon.

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