Barbicide Concentrated 480 ml

Barbicide Concentrated 480 ml

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Barbicide concentrated liquid for the Barbicide dipper. Disinfectant for instruments such as tweezers and scissors.

Barbicide concentrated is a disinfectant that works in 30 seconds. Bactericidal, germicidal and viral, also HIV and hepatitis B. Disinfects tweezers, scissors and brushes. Use the Barbicide diluted in the dipping slide or dipper.

Thorough disinfection with Barbicide Concentrated

A thorough disinfectant. In the field of disinfectants Barbicide has been market leader since 1947. It is no longer possible to imagine the brow bar or beauty salon without it. Barbicide is approved in America as a hospital disinfectant. This means that it is effective against the AIDS virus HIV-1, hepatitis B and hepatitis C in any case.