Brow Lamination Master Kit

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Full fluffy eyebrows in 3 steps. This salon treatment in luxe set includes Adhesive, Lifting Lotion, Fixing Lotion and Nourishing Gel. 

  • For professional use
  • Brushed-up brows for 4-6 weeks
  • 15 treatments

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Vind de producten super goed

Natasja Smits

Hele fijne kit om te starten met het doen van browslifts.

Bold Brows In A Box

Brow lamination is the secret sauce to achieving full, fluffy brows in a flash, and this salon-grade solution is especially designed for pros. Step 1 Lifting Cream, Step 2 Fixing Cream, and Step 3 Nourishing Gel come in luxurious pens, while the Adhesive joins the squad to create the ultimate Brow Lamination Set for those perfectly brushed-up brows that last for 4-6 weeks. It's like a magic wand for your clients' brows!

Complete Master Kit

Now, let's talk about the bang for your buck - the Value Master Kit for Brow Lamination. In this deluxe Mrs.Highbrow creation, you'll find:

  • Brow Lamination Adhesive, 10 ml
  • Step 1 Lifting Cream, 5 ml
  • Step 2 Fixing Cream, 5 ml
  • Step 3 Nourishing Gel, 5 ml
  • 2x Lifting Tool
  • 50x Applicator
  • 50x Spoolie
  • Comprehensive manual

Become A Master Of Brow Lamination

Unleash your full potential! Our online course is the next step - trust us, Brow Lamination is a treatment for the pros. We're all about elevating your craft, and we've got your back!

Brow Lamination: Good To Know

1. Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination is designed for the professional eyebrow specialist. We recommend taking a (online) course before use.

2. Not suitable for persons with very thin or thin eyebrows or short eyebrow hairs.

3. After lifting, the eyebrows have a new fluffy shape. Nevertheless, the client will still need to brush the eyebrow hairs in the morning for the brushed-up effect.

Brow Lamination Lotions

Brow Lamination Lifting Cream Step 1:

4 minutes: fine hairs

6 minutes: normal hairs

8 minutes: coarse hairs

Brow Lamination Fixing Cream Step 2:

6 minutes: fine hairs

8 minutes: normal hair

10 minutes: coarse hairs

Brow Lamination Nourishing Gel Step 3:

1 minute, or let sit.

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