Wunderwax Pink
Wunderwax Pink
Wunderwax Pink

Wunderwax Pink

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A real power wax. Hair removal has never been so easy. Soft for the skin, but hard for the hair. These pink wax pearls are as mild as Wunderwax pearl and gold, but just as powerful.

Pinky Pellets: waxing without strips

For this wax you do not need strips to remove it. It is important that you do not apply the wax too thickly, because then you will not get rid of the downy hairs. Use a narrow spatula for around the eyebrows, a medium spatula or large spatula for the upper lip and the rest of the face. But these pink wonders can also be used for the whole body.

Even better hair removal with Oil Lala

Mrs.Highbrow's Pinky Pellets work even better if you firstapply a thin layer of Oil LalaMiracle Wax Assistant. This is a 100% natural oil to use under the Mrs.Highbrow wax. The oil is based on sandalwood and provides a protective layer so that no residue remains on the skin. You only need a little, so Oil Lala is very economical in use.

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