Lamination des sourcils étape 3

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Gel Nourrissant, la troisième étape 3 et très importante d'un traitement de lamination des sourcils. Une formule unique qui nourrit et hydrate. Renforce et protège les poils des sourcils après l'utilisation de la Crème Liftante et de la Crème Fixante.

  • Pour un usage professionnel
  • 5 ml.
  • Nourrit et hydrate

Customer Reviews

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Anita Gashi
Super product!

Geeft een mooie glans en voed de haartjes lekker

Jeline Kramer
I like it!

I like this product!

Brow Lamination: The Finishing Touch

Step 3 Nourishing Gel is the last step in a brow lamination treatment, but definitely not the least! It really is a step you better not skip, because the gel hydrates the hair and makes it shine. Brush the gel with a spoolie through the hair after you possibly have painted the eyebrows. Brow Lamination Nourishing Gel can be removed with a cotton ball after 1 minute, or just leave it on.

Stunning Brushed Up Brows

Full fluffy brows in an instant, with this salon solution for professionals. Step 1 Lifting Cream, Step 2 Fixing Cream, Step 3 Nourishing Gel and Adhesive combine to create the ultimate Brow Lamination Set for brushed-up brows for 4-6 weeks.

The Benefits Of Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination by Mrs.Highbrow elevators the brow hairs, making the brows look natural and fuller. This is done in 3 simple steps with only 4 to 8 minutes per lotion. The lifted eyebrow effect - like a permanent for the hair - remains in shape for 4-6 weeks. The most popular treatment of the moment and therefore the perfect treatment to add to the menu of your salon.

Good To Know

1. Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination is designed for the professional eyebrow specialist. We recommend taking a course before use. Such as our online Brow Lamination course.

2. Not suitable for persons with very thin or thin eyebrows or short eyebrow hairs.

3. After the elevator, the eyebrows have a new fluffy shape. Still, the client will need to brush the eyebrow hairs in the morning for the brushed-up effect.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex provides even more nourishment for the eyebrows. Apply before Brow Lamination step 3. Besides restoring the hair, this serum provides an extra layer of protection for the hair, making it less susceptible to external influences. In addition, Keratin Complex creates a good base for lash or brow treatments. Eyebrow paint, for example, will adhere better, making the color more radiant. And your clients will enjoy a lash elevation or brow lamination treatment longer.

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