BROW LAMINATION • Oct 28, 2019

1, 2, 3... Catwalk Brows


It can't have escaped you: the brushed-up brow trend. Popular among models, make-up artists and brow pros. We at Mrs.Highbrow are also fans. But when it comes to Brow Lamination, where the hairs are lifted permanently (well, for about 4-6 weeks), we are healthily critical. The pros and cons.

- By Anouk Bruel / Photo: @nikki_makeup

Every brow professional will recognize it. Of those stubborn brows where the hairs grow in different directions and continue to jump. Eyebrow gel can make up for a lot, but sometimes a heavier shuffle is needed. For these transverse brows there is now the latest technique Brow Lamination. The treatment to make eyebrows point in the right direction and give them that great brushed-up look. Bonus: by lifting the hairs, the eyebrows immediately look much fuller. Hello catwalk brows!


Photo: @nikki_makeup

Hot & happening

That this is a hot trend, may be clear. Instagram is full of it. And the bold brow pics of makeup artists like @nikki_makeup are reposted hundreds of times a day. After the tight Insta brow we are clearly ready for something new. As an eyebrow specialist a welcome addition to the menu. Still, it's important not to follow this trend blindly, according to Mrs.Highbrow's Ska. In the brow industry, it's not just about magic fingers and following trends, but mainly about what you like as a specialist and what suits you but especially a customer. "Even more than , this is a trend that not every eyebrow is suitable for. Only brows with fairly long eyebrow hairs are eligible for this. And there shouldn't be too many bald spots in the brow.


Photo: @shir.levyy

A perfect face

But there is a 'but' to this trend. You gotta have the damn good face for it. "I don't want to offend anyone," Ska says. "But some women benefit much more from a tight, not too wide eyebrow. And then I speak for myself too, haha. Sometimes you want to bring peace and balance to a face. For example in women with lots of wrinkles, restless skin, a very asymmetrical face, a somewhat coarser face. A brushed up brow can make the whole thing messy and unkempt. It is up to you as a specialist to take a critical look at a brow beforehand. And also to be clear to a customer if it is not suitable for her. Better the disappointment of a treatment that doesn't go ahead than the disappointment of a brow and look that hasn't really become more beautiful on it".

Photo: @houseofbeautykh

How does Brow Lamination work?

A Brow Lamination Set consists of glue and three different lotions. First a thin layer of glue is needed to push the hair in the desired direction with a lifting tool. And then there are three lotions that are applied. The first two have a departure time of 4 to 8 minutes, depending on the thickness and density of the hairs. And the brand you use. After application, you can cover the lotions with plastic foil to speed up the process. Finally, there is a nourishing lotion that does not need to be removed. See here the result of @houseofbeautykh from the UK. Good to know: after lifting, the eyebrows have a new fluffy shape, but the bristles still need to be brushed every morning for the perfect brushed-up effect. Be clear about this before you start.

The pros and cons of Brow Lifting


- Beautiful full eyebrows with a sleek shape for up to 4 weeks
- The natural eyebrow is lifted
- It corrects stiff brows
- It combines perfectly with shaping and dyeing with regular paint
- It makes you an all-round brow stylist


- The treatment takes quite some time
- It's not for everyone, and it doesn't give a spectacular result: you have to have quite a few long hairs
- You work with permanent fluid and can't quickly make adjustments
- It can't be combined with Brow Henna

When no Brow Lifting

When someone doesn't have the face for it, it's better not to apply lamination. But there are more cases where it is wise not to apply Brow Lamination treatment. Leave it alone to prevent complaints and to serve your clients as well as possible.

- In case of very thin brows, or short eyebrow hairs
- The first week after a henna treatment
- In case of previous allergic reactions to lash-lift products
- In case of irritated skin; acne/eczema or sunburn on the skin around the eyebrows
- In case of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
- In case of recent pmu treatments and/or chemical peelings
- If the hairs are already reasonably in the right direction, then a gel or Brow Soap may be sufficient.


How do you say no?

If you ask us, Brow Lamination is a perfect addition to your salon's menu. But what do you do if someone has booked this treatment and you don't think she's suitable? Then pull out all your other tricks. You can model the brows and suggest you dye them. Still make the most of the scheduled time. And finish them off with a transparent eyebrow gel, combing the hairs up a bit. Does your client have the brushed up brows, but it's not that permanent.

Follow a training course

Brow Lamination is really an advanced treatment. So if you want to start with this, take a course. Good news: Mrs.Highbrow's specialists will be giving the training in Brow Lamination from mid-January. So are you as convinced as we are? Then come to our training location to become a real pro in this brand new treatment!

Or order our online course for only €135, starter kit included.