BROW HENNA • Jul 14, 2021

5x The Right Consistency Brow Henna

eyebrows mixing Dyotics wenkbrauwen

To ensure that Dyotics brow henna can really absorb into the skin, it is important that the henna has the right consistency. We notice that it can be difficult for many specialists to get the right thickness. That's why we'll explain it in detail below.


1. Shake Well

Shake it before you make it! If a jar has been sitting on the shelve for a while, the color pigments may have settled on the bottom, while the gum is on the surface. When you take a scoop from the jar, you have more gum on your scoop than you need. Gum is the binding agent that ensures that the henna together with the water becomes a cohesive whole. Too much gum will leave you with a paste that is too rough. Therefore, always shake for at least 30 seconds before you start.


2. The right proportion

You get this by taking 1 scoop of Dyotics Brow Henna and mixing it with 12-15 drops of hot water. You can measure this conveniently with the supplied pipettes. Does your client have wider or long eyebrows? Then take 1.5 scoop with 18-22 drops.


3. Mix long

You may have noticed them: those white spheres in the powder. This is gum, the binding agent. They can't hurt, but by mixing for at least 30-60 seconds they will dissolve on their own. If not, let the mixture sit for a while. Then mix well again.


4. Let it set

Do you really want to have a well-developed paste? Then mix before you start waxing or threading. In this case, put 1 scoop of powder with 20 drops of warm to hot water in a container. You now have a fairly liquid paste. But if you leave this on for 5 to maybe 15 minutes, you will see that it thickens and darkens on its own.


5. Extra water

Is your henna mixture still too thick? Then just add a few extra drops of water. You can also do this during the treatment, if you notice that the paste is starting to dry up a bit.

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