• Dec 10, 2019

7x Mrs.Highbrow’s favoriete Brow Gifts


It's time again for Michael Bublé, pine needles scattered across the salon floor, Christmas lights and shopping bags full of gifts. To inspire you, we've made a shopping list of Mrs. Highbrow's favorite Brow Gifts, including indispensable brow basics. Discover our sweethearts and quickly put together your own gift packages for your customers and / or friends.

 Anouk Bruel


1. New Year's Resolutions with Wonderbrow Oil

Stronger and fuller eyebrows for the new year to come. Every woman's heart makes a leap of joy with that outlook, right? The Organic Wonderbrow Oil is the ultimate oil to stimulate hair growth with its nourishing ingredients such as almond, castor and argan oil.


2. Two gifts in one

The golden eyebrow scissors are an addition to your interior and an asset to your brows. The ideal gift for beauties whose hairs grow fast and can regularly use a haircut. Instruct your customers well how they can best do this themselves, nobody wants a bald spot in her eyebrows. Keep the scissors straight and cut from the outside to the inside. Not tilted downwards. Then there is a good chance that the start will be too narrow.

3.Highlight with a bow around it

Highlighting Duo Pencil, a double-sided pencil with the necessary sparkle for the holidays. The matte side is perfect for the daytime. The glossy side is for the following hours and ensures that the brows look their best. But it's not just a must have for the holidays. The eyebrows also deserve this finishing touch on every other day.

4. The perfect shape with Brow Gel

A fine, small brush with transparent gel to keep the eyebrows in shape all day long. Brush the hairs straight up for the brushed up effect, or apply the gel in the growth direction of the brows for a natural but permanent look.

5. A professional brush

The Pro Powder Brow Pencil is a super beautiful and high-quality pencil to raise eyebrows in a natural way. You can easily create a sleek result with it, because it is a powdery but sturdy product. And if you turn it around, you can gradually blend the effect with the brush.


6. Luxurious angled brush

Use an angled luxurious brush to apply eyebrow makeup. The coated wooden handle and golden details of the Angled Brush Wood and Gold already make it a beauty to look at. But trust us, it's even better to use it. This is an addition to any make-up bag.


7. A gift voucher from your salon

Nothing is more fun than receiving a treatment (or discount on a treatment) as a gift. So that you, as a brow enthusiast, don't have to worry about yourself, but are pampered in a treatment chair. If your client leaves the house satisfied time and time again, she will probably want to give this to her mother or girlfriends. Make it personal by writing a name on it and pack it in a way that makes you think: "I need this package under my tree."