How to • Apr 03, 2020

What To Do? Our 9 Best Quarantaine Tips



Your salon is compulsary closed, however, you should not despair. Spend your time well by improving yourself, taking a critical look at your company and making your salon even better. Here our 9 best tips to help you through this hard time.


1. What's on the menu 

Time to think about what you really want, what makes you happy. Take a critical look at the menu of your salon. Are there any treatments that you may not enjoy doing? And - also important - does everything yield enough? See how much time each treatment yields per hour excluding VAT, minus the purchase price of the products you use. You may come to the conclusion that you skip some treatments or raise the price. Your regular customers will really understand that you are forced to raise some prices, especially after this difficult period. They are just glad that their hairy friends finally can be tamed.


2. Pictures perfect

You probably have a phone full of photos of your work. Pick the best and polish them if possible. That does not mean that she will retouch unwise, because it must give a realistic picture of what you do. But with an app like Facetune you can make the skin more even and polish away spots, making the brows even more beautiful.

There are also handy apps in which you can put the before and after photos. On Instagram, before and after photo's are much more popular than just a result. With the Framemagic app you can put multiple photos together. Make sure that both photos have the same color tone, so often pre-editing is recommended.

Dare to throw away photos too. A tidy phone offers space for new, even more beautiful work.


3. How are you?

Send your regular customers an email or a postcard. They undoubtedly love to hear from you. And keep them informed about when you reopen. Although that isn't hard to say ash this moment. Do not feel guilty if you cannot help everyone in short term. You didn't ask for Corona either. You are not obliged to treat everyone within a month. Because that will not be possible. But big chance you'll make extra days or hours in the near future. After all, you have to make up for the financial damage of recent times. Take a look at how you are going to fit this into your agenda.


4. Instagram in a book

It is nice to have books printed of your work for the table in the waiting room. You can have a square mini book printed already from € 7. Nice to show all your work that way. Or select a series of photos that you like, as a kind of Instagram wall in book form.


5. The big clean

Time to clean up the salon. And your products. What is expired? What are you no longer using? And buy what you miss. Did you know that Mrs. Highbrow currently sells a selected number of high discount products? So that you can supplement your range super cheaply, with discounts up to 75%. Check all Promotion Deals here.

In addition, we give a 15% discount on the entire assortment until the end of April! Not only on products, but also on (online) courses. Use code Wesupport15 during checkout. The discount does not apply to products that have already been discounted.



6. Let the music play

Create Spotify lists for your salon. Keep in mind that the music you play should be nice for everyone, so opt for fairly quiet and not too outspoken music. It should serve as background music and not dominate. Some customers like silence more than others. You can think of nice and quiet songs for the morning, relaxed music for relaxing treatments, or a little more up-tempo at the end of the day. Or look up Mrs. Highbrow's. We have made various lists for our salon, which you and your customers can of course also listen to. As far as we are concerned, really wonderful salon music.


7. Cancel subscriptions

Take a critical look at all the insurance and subscriptions you have taken out. Think of your energy supplier, household insurance, internet. Is everything still necessary? Can it be cheaper somewhere? You can check whether you are paying too much through various comparison sites. And all the apps you may have ever downloaded but don't even remember you have? Check what you no longer need, and cancel if necessary.


8. Various techniques

The ultimate time to start with a technique that you have not mastered yet. Or to refine some treatments. Like threading, Henna Brows, a lash lift? Take your time to watch YouTube videos. Or go for an online training. Mrs. Highbrow offers online trainings for Henna Brows, Brow Lamination and Waxing & Tinting. Now just tie your partner to be a model :-)

By the way, did you know that you can easily practice threading on your own legs? Deprive them or put on (old) jeans - that works too. If you can already make beautiful brows with wax or tweezers, and you spend the coming time mastering the technique, you will soon be able to get started with customers.



9. Dare to ask

Finally, at Mrs. Highbrow we want to support you in this difficult time. You may therefore ask us anything; we are here for you! To ensure that your question ends up with the right person, please do it by email. Calling is less convenient, because we now also work at home more often than at the office. It is also preferable not to ask your question via Instagram, because your question is less likely to reach the right person.




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