TREND • Jan 11, 2022

The Hottest Beauty Trends of 2022


Bushy brows seem to be here to stay, which is good news as far as we're concerned! What else does 2022 have in store for us when it comes to beauty? We took a look at the international catwalks so you don't have to.

- By Desi van Dijk

First Things First: Brows

If you thought brows couldn't get any fuller and wider, you were wrong! Eyebrows are going to be even fluffier and bushier this year than they were in 2021. Natural, full and lifted, the hairs no longer need to be perfectly cut, but can go wild, and the ideal treatment to create this effect is Brow Lamination, which we all know and love by now. Make sure your client also goes home with Brow Soap, so she can achieve this effect every day. The fluffy and bushy brow gives exactly the effect we want; big, bold and beautiful. Besides, in 2022 the 'arch' doesn't have to be so tight anymore.

Glitter & Glamour

Glitter makes a look adventurous, eye-catching and bold. Judge for yourself how Blu Marine did at last fall's fashion week. On top of that, glitter looks are very versatile. Use them as eye shadow, nail polish, on your body or even in your hair! Maybe you can complete the look of your customer in your chair with a nice touch of glitter. Also useful: sell beautiful glitter in jars in your salon and show your client how to use it.

Glossy Lips

Lip gloss is back from the 00's! We at Mrs. Highbrow can only love that, because a beautiful gloss makes you feel confident and powerful. And the best part is, you don't need much of it. The gloss trend is great to combine with a lipliner to clearly define your lips. Or layer it over your matte lipstick. A perfect product to sell in your salon as well. Because what could be more beautiful than a good pair of brows and glossy lips?

Powerful with Colour

Bold colors are hot this year, both in your hair and in your makeup. We've seen this trend on the catwalk and on other celebrities. Eye-catching colors in eyeliner will also be a trend. Colors that can match beautifully and are very striking are lime green and turquoise. Let beautifully, bold & matching be the goal of make-up trends in 2022!

Subtle in Style

Besides all the glitter and fierce and new forms of eyeliners and glossy lips, the natural look is a classic look that's sticking around. Try it with a fluffy and bushy brow as we described earlier, little foundation and a subtle blush, preferably in purple. This beauty hack & trend on TikTok creates a beautiful lavender/lilac glow, which will give an interesting twist to any makeup look!

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