BROW HENNA • Aug 26, 2019

The benefits of brow henna


It is the latest trend: eyebrow henna. But what exactly is Brow Henna? And what are the benefits of Brow Henna? We explain it. 10 questions about eyebrow henna. Plus the answers.


1. What is brow henna exactly?

Henna has been used for centuries for all kinds of body decorations, but in the eyebrow area, it is a fairly new application. The base of brow henna is also the henna plant, but there are pigments added that provides the (cool) brown color. Unlike henna used for body decorations, brow henna only has to leave-in for 20 minutes instead of a few hours.


2. What do you use to mix eyebrow henna?

You simply mix your henna with water or rosewater. The dye is ready for use without a chemical process. That is one of the benefits of Brow Henna. With other eyebrow dye products, such as Lash FX, this is necessary and an oxidant is therefore added to the powder to make the paint ready for use. Take a dropper bottle on the pipette here. Because the chances are that you will do too much water with your henna powder, after which it has become unusable. And that is a natural sin of your precious henna powder.


3. Does brow henna turn red?

No, special pigments have been added to eyebrow henna that provides beautiful cool blond or brown tones. If you use the pure powder, like with henna decorations, you get a reddish-brown print on the skin. In addition, pure henna hours must withdraw for results.


4. Does brow henna have any other advantages?

In contrast to ordinary eyebrow dye, such as Lash FX, eyebrow henna does not only color the hair but also the skin. The color stays for 5 to 14 days. In other words, a tattoo effect for up to two weeks.

5. Does brow henna also have disadvantages?

Eyebrow henna is highly pigmented. That is why it stays so well on the skin. But unfortunately not only on the skin. If you spill the henna on clothing or furniture, for example, you will get bad. Especially with white worktops, you have to be careful. But also with your hands. Protect your workplace well and wear nitrile gloves during preparation and dyeing. Because you can imagine: if the eyebrow henna stays on your eyebrows for 5 to 14 days, stains will also remain on your fingers and nails. By scrubbing well with soap, you get rid of it. But still … It is therefore important to work very neatly and precise when using eyebrows henna.

6. What kind of products do you need more if you if you dye with henna?

In addition to henna, you need a product to make the skin clean and grease free in advance. For example Dyōtics Skin Prep Lotion. But you can also use Get Set Mousse. You can use two birds with one stone: you can use it for depilation, but also before you dye with eyebrow henna. For an optimal effect, you can ask if the customer scrubs her eyebrows at home. Then the dead skin cells are gone and the dye can better penetrate the skin. For a nice and smooth result.

7. 7. Is it possible to mix the colors of brow henna?

Yes, you can easily mix colors of brow henna with each other. To make a color darker or for example a little bit more assertive.

8. Do you always have to catch the skin?

That depends on the wishes of the customer. There are enough customers who do not go full eyebrows, but only want to have the hair dyed. Even then you can use eyebrow henna. You do not apply it with a brush but with a spoolie.

9. Can you give a guarantee on how long henna remains on the skin?

One of the advantages of brow henna is that it last on the skin up to 2 weeks. But it is not smart to make promises about it. How long the paint stays on the skin depends on the type of skin and the maintenance by the customer. With oily skin, it is possible that the paint is less effective and stays there. If you see that a customer has oily skin, say that the result could be less than expected. And advised to keep eyebrows dry for 12 to 24 hours after treatment and to use as few cleaning products as possible.

10. How do you manage henna eyebrows afterwards?

It is important that the client does not clean her brows the evening after the treatment. In any case, it is best to use as little water as possible. Oil-based skin care products and scrubs and peels also make the color fade. In addition, it is better not to go too much in the sun or under the sunbed with henna breaths.