How to • Jan 08, 2020

Rake Brushes


A good brush is half the battle. But what is the difference between all types, and which brush do you use for what? We take you through the range and explain exactly what you need. Bring on the brushes.

By Anouk Bruel



Angled Brush

The name says it all, an angled brush is an angled brush. The bevel ensures that eyebrow makeup, such as pomade or powder, can be applied perfectly. But not only make-up works well with an angled brush. You will also need this brush for tinting brows with regular eyebrow dye or brow henna.



Angled Brush Wood & gold 

The Angled Brush Wood & Gold is perfect for the specialist who not only wants to carefully shade brows, but also longs for a designer accessory in the salon


Angled Brow Brush Medium

Mrs. Highbrows Angled Brow Brush Medium is perfect for applying brow henna or regular paint. But also great for powder and pomade.


Angled Brow Brush met Spoolie

The Angled Brow Brush with Spoolie has a fine brush and a handy spoolie. To blend your brow make-up well. Ideal for smaller eyebrows or if you want to work very precisely.


Highlighter Brush

The Mrs. Highbrow Highlighter Brush is a sturdy, flat brush. Perfect for applying highlighter under the brows. So that henna or pomade eyebrows look even tighter.