TINTING • May 25, 2021

Bronsun In The Mix

Bronsun brow dye professional

Bronsun has captured the Instagram feeds of many a brow professional for some time now. And clients are also returning to the salon to have their brows specifically dyed with Bronsun. That's because it's the first regular paint that leaves a tint on the skin without having to use brow henna. And because you can mix and match until you have a unique shade for each client. We explain how.

Bronsun's shades vary from black, graphite, chestnut, light brown and tan to dark brown. The colors are readymade, but mixing is also allowed. In order to create a unique shade for each customer. You can endlessly mix the shades of Bronsun to make certain shades cooler, warmer, lighter or just darker.

Bronsun wenkbrauwen brows eyebrows

#1 Bronsun Black is the classic color for dyeing eyelashes. It can also be used in combination with other shades of Bronsun to darken the color or create a cooler shade.

#2 Bronsun Graphite is suitable for coloring eyebrows of blondes. With this shade you get a cool and ashy result. In addition, this color is ideal for mixing with other colors of Bronsun to make them less warm.

#4 Bronsun Chestnut is ideal shade for dyeing eyebrows of warm, light brown and medium blonde types. The result of this shade is not too intense. The color is ideal for mixing with other shades of Bronsun to create a slightly warmer shade when coloring the eyebrows.

#5 Bronsun Light Brown is the ideal color for light and medium blonde beauties, but also perfect for redheads. This color suits light to medium skin types well. The color can additionally be used in combination with other shades of Bronsun to make the color slightly lighter and warmer at the same time.

#6 Bronsun Brown is an intense shade suitable for dark blonde and light brown beauties with light to medium skin types. The brown can additionally be used in combination with other shades of Bronsun to neutralize a darker color or to create a cooler shade when coloring eyebrows.

#7 Bronsun Dark Brown is suitable for clients with tinted to dark skin. This color is additionally ideal for tinting eyelashes of clients who do not want ultimate black eyelashes. In addition, this color can be used in combination with other shades to darken light colors or to make a light color slightly more intense.

Bronsun brows eyebrows wenkbrauwen henna brows

A blend of Bronsun #5 Light Brown, #Brown and #Graphit

Dark Brown & Black

Another great example. Although we mainly use black to dye eyelashes, it is also ideal to make other Bronsun shades just a little darker or create a cooler undertone. Just like the @prettybrowclub did with this beauty by combining Bronsun Dark Brown with Bronsun Black, at 1:1 ratio with the shade developer.

Bronsun brows wenkbrauwen henna brows

Bronsun #6 Dark Browns + #1 Black

Bronsun Chestnut & Light Brown

Bronsun Chestnut is a shade that looks intense on the packaging, but will never turn out too intense. Besides the fact that this shade is ideal for women with warm, light brown and medium blonde hair, it is also perfect for making other Bronsun shades slightly warmer. That's what @studioelevenbbs tried on this Australian beauty in combination with Bronsun Light Brown.

Bronsun light brow chestnut wenkbrauwen brows

A nice mix of Bronsun #4 Chestnut and #5 Light Brown.

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye.

As a trendsetter in the eyebrow world, we are always ready to provide our professionals with the latest innovations. As you have probably noticed, it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain Bronsun. Therefore, Mrs.Highbrow went her own way and developed a new and improved solution instead of Bronsun: Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye.

Developed In Germany.

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye does not come - like Bronsun - from Russia, but has been developed exclusively in Germany. This groundbreaking Hybrid Dye is specially designed to provide you with a high-quality product that will become your absolute favorite from now on. But what makes our Hybrid Dye so special?

1. Long-lasting Results With Hybrid Dye

With Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye, eyebrows stay at their best for up to 7 days! But here's the key to success: make sure you apply it properly and that your client takes good care of her brows. In short, our Hybrid Dye is designed to last, but it requires proper technique and aftercare to achieve maximum results. Order the Master Kit Hybrid Dye and you'll get the online course Hybrid Brows absolutely free. In it, you will learn all about the best techniques for long-lasting results.

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye brows online cursus mrs.highbrow

2. Different Color Options

At Mrs.Highbrow we understand that no two sets of eyebrows are the same. That's why we've developed a wide range of color options, so you can always find the perfect shade for any client. Whether you work with blondes, brunettes, redheads or everything in between, our Hybrid Dye has the colors you need to make their brows shine. Plus, you can mix the colors together to create custom shades and let your creativity run wild.

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye brows

3. Easy to Blend and Apply.

As professional eyebrow experts, we understand that you have no time to waste. That's why we made sure our Hybrid Dye is extremely easy to blend and apply. With a smooth texture, the paint glides effortlessly over the brows, giving you complete control over the shape and intensity of the color. Whether you use a fine brush for precision work, or a brush for a fuller look, our Hybrid Dye ensures perfect results.

4. Safe and Skin-Friendly Formula.

At Mrs. Highbrow, the health of your clients is paramount. Therefore, we have made sure that our Hybrid Dye has a safe and skin-friendly formula. Our dye is free of harmful chemicals and has been tested for allergies, so you can have peace of mind. In addition, our formula contains nourishing ingredients, keeping brows healthy and nourished even after the coloring process.

5. Hybrid Dye Developed in Germany.

At Mrs.Highbrow, we know that Germany is known for its unparalleled craftsmanship and eye for perfection. So it was only natural that we would develop our Hybrid Dye there, in one of the best laboratories the country has to offer. By striving for nothing less than perfection and valuing quality, we have created a product that gives our professionals the tools to bring their creative vision to life.

Mrs.Highbrow hybrid dye brows luxe master Kit

Loose Tubes Of Luxury Master Kit

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye is available in individual tubes. If you buy all the colors, you get 1 tube free. Or go for the deluxe Master Kit Hybrid Dye, containing everything you need to create the most beautiful Hybrid Brows.