How to • Sep 12, 2019

Brow Business for the Holidays



December, one of the busiest months of the year for every specialist. One customer after the other books a brow treatment for the holidays. Of course you will perform your magic, but what else can you do to add that extra holiday sparkle for your clients?

Anouk Bruel

You are not only there to create brow-tastic results, but also to give your customers the right advice. And since your customers will undoubtedly want to have Highbrows during Christmas, it's time for the ultimate tips to keep those beauties in shape after the treatment.


1. Get in shape

Tell your client to not only brush her hair in the morning, but to add her eyebrows to her morning brushing ritual as well. It often happens that not every hair is in the right direction when you wake up, combing the brows ensures that they end up in their ideal shape.


2. Tiny Secret

Take a seat in front of the mirror with your client and show her how to best compliment her eyebrows with makeup. Some women have darker circles around their eyes or visible blood vessels. The most effective solution: concealer. Cover the bumps, shadows and lines and smooth the skin so that the eyebrows get the attention they deserve



3.A layer of make up

A pencil or powder will be more suitable for one person, and a pomade for another. This not only depends on the personal preference of your customer, but also on what she wants to achieve with it. To fill gaps, you can go a long way with a powder. With pencil and pomade you can actually fill in the brow more. A good tip to give is not to color the eyebrows consistently. A natural brow is and remains one with the ombre effect, lighter on the inside and increasingly dark on the outside. Oh, and don't forget to blend!

4. Extra sparkling

If something should not be missing on this occasion, it is a little extra sparkle. A highlighter is essential. This not only makes the eyebrows look stronger, but they also get an optical lift. Apply it just below the brow on the bone, and optionally on top, just above the arch.

5. Keep in shape 

Don't forget to recommend a brow gel to keep the furry friends in a brushed shape. Certainly during the holidays - where most brows are guaranteed to hang over a hot gourmet dish or a cup of mulled wine - a product to remain in shape comes in handy. It is important to make clear that brow gel is actually something different than normal gel.

Happy Holidays,
Mrs. Highbrow

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