MAKE-UP • Oct 17, 2022

Model Brows With Brow Fix

For brushed-up, fluffy brows that stay, you need to try Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix, the latest version of our bestselling Brow Soap. Brow Fix quite literally fixes every brow you encounter into a brow that is sure to steal the show, staying put for up to 24 hours. While Brow Fix comes in a new, deluxe compact with a mirror and brush, that's not even our favorite update! There's no water required: so you and your clients can get the most gorgeous brows anywhere, anytime.

- By Desi van Dijk

Brushed-up Brows = A Lasting Trend

Our team of beauty enthusiasts is so happy that the fluffy, natural, brushed-up brow is a lasting trend, since it creates such an open and playful look. Unsurprisingly, this look is a staple among celebrities as well.

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix

Brow Fix is the updated version of our existing bestseller Brow Soap, as we couldn't ignore our beloved Brow Soap during our rebranding process! Not only has the product been updated, the packaging received an upgrade. The luxurious silver packaging houses a mirror, so you can fix your brows on the go with the included beautiful silver brush.

Want to hear the best part? You no longer need water to get the product soapy! We developed the perfect formula so that it instantly gives the right texture when you skim the brush through the soap. If you like to use water and want the Brow Fix just a little more soapy, then do just that! Brow Fix's unique formula can be used both dry and wet.

Get That Model Look

Brow Fix allows you to create the fluffiest brows without any hassle, and since there's no water necessary, you can imagine why it's so popular among makeup artists. On any set location, using Brow Fix means perfectly styled brows. For this reason it's also incredibly convenient for you in the salon to style brows after threading or waxing, taking barely any extra time at all. We can guarantee your clients will fall in love with this product and want to take it home with them. Are you already a reseller of our makeup products? Want to become a reseller? Learn how to become one at the bottom of this blog post!

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix

How To Use Brow Fix

For Brow Fix to work best, the client must have somewhat longer brow hairs; a brow where almost no hairs are visible unfortunately won't work very well as there must be some hair to brush up. Below we're taking you step by step how to use Brow Fix.

Step 1: Start With Makeup

This step is optional, as you can go for the all-natural look and not apply any additional brow makeup! But if you want to, do so before applying Brow Fix. If brows are fairly sparse, shade in the brows a bit with a Pro Powder Brow Pencil or draw some eyebrow hairs with a Micro Brow Liner. If you're satisfied, then it's time for step 2!

Step 2: Use The Brush

To apply Brow Fix, use the brush that comes with your compact. With our new formula, it's no longer necessary to wet the brush before applying the product, but if you prefer, you can do so as well!

Step 3: Brush It Up!

Skim the brush through the soap in circular motions, back and forth a few times and then apply the product to the brows. Be careful to apply Brow Fix only to the eyebrow hairs and not to the skin to prevent the Brow Fix from mixing with any facial makeup. Brush the brows up as often as you want! With beautiful brows, your client will feel confident and rock the day.

Brow Fix gives an instantly bold look for up to 24 hours.

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix

Become a Reseller!

No doubt you want to give your clients that confident feeling day in and day out with perfectly styled brows, right? You need to resell Brow Fix to your clients! The recommended retail price for Brow Fix is €25,95. Suppose you sell two boxes of Brow Fix every day and you are open 5 days a week. That is already 40 boxes per month, which gives you an extra turnover of € 1038 (and a profit of more than € 500). That is a nice bonus for sure!

This is the sign you needed to become a reseller of Brow Fix, as well as the other makeup products in our range with a custom price. Curious about the possibilities? Send an email to and we can't wait to share more with you!