• Jan 27, 2021

A Must Have For Your Salon: Brow Henna

Would you like your clients to enjoy dyed eyebrows for longer? Then consider the henna brows treatment. Regular paint leaves the skin after one to two days. Dyōtics brow henna can last five to fourteen days.

As with regular eyebrow dyeing, brow henna is primarily about colouring the eyebrow hairs. But a nice side-effect is that the dye also remains on the skin for up to fourteen days. This gives you a tighter and darker shape and you do not really need any eyebrow make-up.

Are there different colors of brow henna?

Yes, Dyōtics Brow Henna, developed by Mrs. Highbrow, is available from blond, ash brown, warm brown to almost black, yet every colour will be different for everyone. Beforehand, discuss with your client what her wishes are and what she can expect from the result. Henna has the property of sticking very well to the skin. So you can't just brush it off once it's there.

When are henna brows not recommended?

  • When you have a very oily skin. The henna will unfortunately quickly disappear from the skin.
  • With very blond eyebrows or a very light skin
  • With very dark and full eyebrows. The hairs no longer need to be dyed and an imprint on the skin is then unnecessary.
  • With an irritated skin, or wounds in and around the eyebrows
  • Allergy or sensitivity to hair and eyebrow dye.
  • If the client has developed an allergy after applying a henna tattoo.
  • If the client is planning to go in the sun a lot after the treatment.
  • If the client is pregnant.

Patch test

To ensure that your client is not allergic to eyebrow henna, we always recommend that a test is carried out first. Have the client come in especially for this.

During the treatment you will apply a little henna paste to the wrist. Does the client not have an allergic reaction within 48 hours? Then the treatment can be safely applied the next time.

How do you care for henna brows?

It is important that the client is properly informed about the care after the treatment. The eyebrows must not be cleaned after the treatment.

cleaned after the treatment. In any case, it is best to use as little water as possible. Oil-based skincare, scrubs and peelings also tend to cause the brow henna to fade. Avoid the sun and tanning beds as much as possible when using henna brows.

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