Trends • Oct 07, 2019

Brow Lamination: The Launch

Mrs. Highbrow Brow Lamination eyebrows lashlift lash lift

We proudly present: Mrs.Highbrow's Brow Lamination Kit. But not without a course. Online ánd offline.

t has been buzzing for a while: Brow Lamination is the next big thing. And at Mrs.Highbrow we were the first to investigate this trend. Because not everything that is new is an asset. Think of brow extensions, which suddenly came up about five years ago. A treatment that won't made anyone happy. And so we did our homework first. Is the brow lamination treatment an addition in the salon? And are we so convinced that we also want to teach the technique to other brow bosses? In fact, are we going to make the investment to develop and market these products ourselves? The answer was three times yes!


1. Brow Lamination @mrshighbrow

At Mrs.Highbrow for almost ten years we have been doing nothing but beautifying eyebrows by waxing, threading and tinting. Sometimes a treatment is added to the menu, as long as it has to do with the eyebrows or eyes. Not much, because how much variation can you have in it? And we only do it if we are 100 percent convinced. For example, we offer lash lifting, but no eyelash extensions. Because we ourselves believe much more in eyelash serums such as Revitalash. With that you also get long lashes, without the "hassle" of lash extensions.

The reason that Mrs.Highbrow also has brow lamination on the menu from January is because there was a huge demand from customers. But also because we have experienced that it can really be a cool treatment. Lifting eyebrow hairs often results in a much fuller brow. We will, however, be critical to whom we apply the treatment. Because as we wrote in our previous blog, it is important to properly assess in advance whether a customer has the appropriate brows and features for this.


 Brow Lamination lashlift starter kit mrs.highbrow wenkbrauwen


2. Brow Lamination Starter Kit

For months we received emails and calls from other eyebrow specialists: whether we would come up with our own brow lifting product. We are fond of developing good eyebrow products. So once we had made the decision to go for brow lamination, every effort was made to develop a good product. We are therefore proud to present our starter kit. With everything you need for creating a cool catwalk brows. In handy and hygienic pump bottles and with all supplies such as lifting tool, spoolies and applicators. Is one of the bottles empty? No worries. The products can be ordered separately in the webshop.

3. Course Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is definitely an advanced treatment. Because in addition to "laminating" it is important that you shape and cut the eyebrows well. We think it is important that you know exactly how to work with our product. And that is why we offer the advanced training Brow Lamination from January, in our brand new building in Duivendrecht. Teached by Mrs.Highbrows Michel, brow stylist, gifted makeup artist and trainer. Can't you wait that long? From the beginning of December there is also an online course avail be. Handy if you are reasonably familiar with brow lifting, but would like to work with our brand. Or if you come from outside the Netherlands. The course is in Dutch or English.

Online course 

Our online Brow Lamination training is available from December. Price: € 149, including starter kit and certificate. We can imagine that you can't wait to touch our beautiful set of brow lamination!