INSPIRATION • Nov 30, 2022

Gifts For Your Customers During the Holidays

Around the holidays, it's always nice to give your clients a little something extra as a token of appreciation. So, we're bringing you 9 tips for gifts! And since it's the season of giving, you can shop with up to 50% discount on selected items! Read on & get merry! 

By Desi van Dijk

1. Brushes In A Tube

Brushes in a tube mrs.highbrow

A nice gift for your regular clients is a brush so that a client can shape and brush her brows and lashes every day. Remember, after a Brow Lamination Treatment the brows need to be brushed up every morning, and this can be done easily with a Spoolie Brush!

You can put 1 or 2 brushes in a glass tube tied with a ribbon & a card expressing your appreciation for the client.

On our website, apply code PRESENTTIME for a major 50% discount on both the Wood & Gold Spoolie Brush and the Wood & Gold Angled Brush, so you'll only pay €2 and €2.50 for the brushes!

For the luxe holder tubes (~15 cm is ideal) you can buy these per 5 pieces for €3,99 at Xenos or 40 pieces for €25,95 via

2. Pomade In A Bag

Mrs.Highbrow Cadeautje Pomade

It's always nice for the client if she receives a gift that relates to the treatments you offer. For example, you can wrap a pomade in a cute little bag and give it to your client after her treatment.

We have 3 shades of pomade in our assortment of Mrs.Highbrow makeup, meaning that there's always the perfect color for every client. And who doesn't love brow pomade, especially as a gift for the holidays?!

Our pomade is already on sale on our website, but by using the code PRESENTTIME at checkout, you'll receive another 50% extra discount and you'll only pay €2.50!  This way you can keep the costs you spend gifts low as well.

zakjes action

You can buy nice bags at the Action, 2 for €0.89.

3. Pencil Sharpener In A Velvet Pouch

A nice gift that is always useful is a good pencil sharpener! You could also choose to give your customer a pencil sharpener as a gift with the purchase of an eyebrow pencil.

By placing the sharpener in a velvet or satin pouch, it instantly looks like a beautiful gift.

Apply the code PRESENTTIME at checkout and you'll receive a 50% discount: only €2.25 for the pencil sharpener!

4. Discount Coupon For The New Year

To keep your clients coming back in the new year, you can give them a coupon for a discount on a treatment as a gift.

Create cute little cards that entitle each client to either €5 or €10 off, or express it in percentages like 15 or 20% off their next treatment in the new year.

You can write the coupons yourself or have them printed at Vistaprint, for example.

5. WonderBrow

Mrs.Highbrow wonderbrow

Wonderbrow Oil is a product that literally every client can always use, making it an ideal gift to give during the holidays!

Wonderbrow Oil can also be ordered with the discount code PRESENTTIME & you'll receive 50% off!  Grab this product for a very reasonable price (€2.50!) and give it as a gift to your customers.

6. Canvas Bag With Your Logo Or Text

Canvast tasje met logo

A canvas bag is always a tried and true to give as a gift. Better yet: get the bags printed with your salon's logo and you'll get free advertising for it, too! Win-win for you and your clients. You can also choose a nice quote that relates to your business or the treatments you offer.

You can easily order a canvas bag with your logo on

7. Tweezer Files As Gifts

Mrs.Highbrow tweezer files

A small gift you can give to your customers around the holidays are the Tweezer Files, which are little files that will help give tweezers a second life & make them sharp again.

Get 50% off using the code PRESENTTIME & grab these handy little guys for only €0.50! This small gift doesn't cost too much, but which will be a very sweet gesture and your clients will definitely be appreciative. 

8. Chocolates or Cookies With Your Logo

Who wouldn't want to receive chocolates or cookies (with your logo on them of course!) year-round, and especially at the holidays? You can place these yummy treats in your salon or nicely wrap them in a bag and give them to your client after each treatment.

You can have gorgeous chocolates or cookies made with your logo at

If this is way outside of your budget, try placing some treats like Christmas cookies or chocolates in your salon, and we guarantee clients will still love this sweet gesture.

9. Card or Mail of Appreciation

cadeautjes voor jouw klanten mrs.highbrow

In case you don't have the time, money or energy to arrange these gifts, a smaller alternative is more than okay (it's the thought that counts, right)! You can buy nice Christmas cards and write down a (personal) message for your customers.

Another option would be to prepare an email and send it to your entire customer base before the holidays. It's all about the gesture, and the fact that you take a moment to think about your customers says a lot!