• Apr 26, 2022

Digital Wax Heater

digital wax heater mrs.highbrow

Are you ready for an absolute eye-catcher in your salon? We're thrilled to launch our brand new wax heater, with two unique features that are going to make it even easier to use as a beauty boss: a digital display and silicone bucket. It's perfectly suited for heating both hot film wax and canned wax! As it's designed by professionals, for professionals, you can trust it's exactly what you didn't even know you needed.

- By Desi van Dijk

Digital Display

As true brow lovers, we understand the importance of the right temperature when it comes to waxing treatments, whether you're waxing eyebrows, the rest of the face or an entire body. If the wax gets too hot, you could hurt your client, but if the wax isn't hot enough, it won't spread nicely. The temperature of the new wax heater can be easily controlled by the digital display, so no more unnecessary waiting or accidentally using the wax too fast! The temperature rises quickly and you no longer have to worry about it, as you can set the temperature to the exact degree. Don't worry, resin will also reach the exact temperature that you need, and it'll be the perfect thickness too. Never again will you have any hassle with a knob that is turned just a little too far. As a rule of thumb, for a layer of approximately 2 centimeters of wax pearls, we recommend a temperature of 90-100°C. But keep in mind, the fuller the pot, the higher you should set the temperature!

You can easily remove hardened wax from the silicone bucket without leaving a trace of wax behind.

Silicone Bucket

This is perhaps the most revolutionary feature of the new digital wax heater: the little silicone bucket. This means no more unnecessary wrestling with the removal of old wax residue from an aluminium pot, saving so much time! The silicone bucket is heat resistant and ensures that it heats the wax evenly on all sides. Once your old wax has cooled down, you can flip the bucket inside out and pop the wax right out, so you're left with a disc of old wax and a clean bucket. The old wax can be used again, and because you can get the old wax out, your digital wax heater will always look like new!

The design of the new wax heater is so sleek and will be an eye catcher in your salon.

Brand New Design

The design of the new wax heater from Mrs.Highbrow is super sleek and will certainly be an eye catcher in your salon. The exterior is made of plastic, which makes it easy to clean, and it's compact, so it can easily stay on your work table or you can take it with you, so it's ideal for brow babes on the road! And one more thing: it can hold up to 450 ml of wax. The digital Mrs.Highbrow wax heater has been carefully designed and tested for safety and ease of use by professionals, and bonus: it's economical in terms of energy consumption. 

Combine with Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax

You can heat virtually all types of wax in the Digital Wax Heater. Choose and our bestselling Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax, which you can easily spread in the silicone bucket, or wax cans, without the bucket.

Price Mrs.Highbrow Digital Wax Heater: €69, silicon bucket included.    

The digital wax heater is part of our range of products designed for and by professionals. Curious about more wax products from us? Then click here! We can also teach you all the tricks of the trade in our online Brow Stylist Course, where you'll learn how to wax your brows into the perfect shape, among other things!