In The Spotlight: Bohème Brow + Beauty Bar


Paige Russell, a true veteran in the beauty business since 2007, has been a proud distributor of Mrs. Highbrow for several months! Just three years ago, she set out and started her own business, the Bohème Brow + Beauty Bar. We're thrilled to help share the story of this beauty boss from Canada!

- By Desi van Dijk

'Created by brow lovers, for brow lovers' - that's the motto with which Paige set up her own beauty bar in 2019 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia  (Canada). By now, Bohème has become a big name! People from all over the province travel for hours to get their brows or other beauty treatments done at Paige's. How did Paige manage to make her beauty empire so big and successful and what are her plans for the future? We asked her! 

Gap in the Market

Paige discovered a gap in the market in Atlantic Canada. This part of Canada, in fact, only had one wholesaler that focused mainly on hairstylists, but not on eyebrows. Not only this, there was a high demand for good brow bars and a good supplier for these products. Paige saw her opportunity, contacted Mrs. Highbrow and voilà: a collaboration was born! We're proud to share that Boheme is a new distributor of Mrs. Highbrow's products as of this year.

"It's super impressive to look back at old photos of my work that I was initially satisfied with, but now I see the growth in my own skills."

Artistic and creative

"My goal is to share my passion in a market where it is needed most. As such, I strive to be influential in the beauty industry and maintain the highest standard. I do this both for the courses, the treatments, but also for the products I use." Paige is a true brow boss, that much is obvious! She describes herself as artistic and creative, and she's not afraid to communicate her needs, boundaries and expectations as a beauty specialist and business owner. "But it took me a while before I could do that really well, haha".

Distributor in the Spotlight Paige At Work

When we ask Paige about her favorite treatment, her answer is crystal clear. "Not to sound biased, but for sure Henna Brows with Mrs. Highbrow. I was always looking for a brow tint that lasts and colors the skin. With Brow Henna, I can fulfill almost all of my client's wishes. My clients love it."

"With Dyōtics Henna Brow products I can achieve the most beautiful results for all brow types"

We are very happy to see this brow boss enjoying her work so much with Dyōtics. What makes her work every day still so special and fun? "I like to stay up to date with developments in the beauty industry. That's why I keep updating and learning myself all the time. It's super impressive to look back at old photos of my work that I was initially satisfied with, but now I see the growth in my own skills."

Favorite Quote

Paige then states that her favorite quote is a famous quote by Alan Watts that reflects well on her enjoyment of the work. "This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play." Hearing Paige like this, she is completely happy in her field. "It's fun and fulfilling work. I get to put my creativity to good use and in the meantime I make people happy and beautiful. Isn't that great!"

Professional Wholesale Shop

Paige's dream of opening a professional wholesale shop recently came true. "I'm very excited to already see where this new path takes us." And when we ask Paige about other dreams, she tells us very enthusiastically that in the future she would love to establish her own Brow Academy. "I would love it so much to help others improve their skills. I've been quietly working on this dream behind the scenes, so it's definitely something I'll see happen in the future."

From Canada, order easily & quickly from Bohème Brow at www.bohemebeauty.ca. Curious to see more from Paige? Then take a look at her Instagram!