The Greek Wonder


Greek wonder Konstantina Michali is a not just a brow specialist, she's a beauty entrepreneur who opened her own salon and has been a distributor of Mrs.Highbrow's products, including Dyotics Brow Henna and Wunderwax, for four years! "I am very proud of the collaboration," she says.

- By Desi van Dijk

Konstantina's salon and academy, MicroWonders, offers almost the entire range of Mrs.Highbrow and Dyōtics. "All products are nice to work with, but the Brow Henna and Wunderwax are really my favorites." Because MicroWonders has high standards, Konstantina was looking for a brand that could meet them. "I started looking for the best products for my clients and students at the academy. After many failed attempts at well-known companies, I ended up with Mrs.Highbrow. I was sold and am very proud of the partnership."

"From the moment I became a beautician, I knew it: I wanted to work with my hands to enhance someone's natural beauty."

Konstantina lives in Artemida, Greece and her business is based in Agia Paraskevi (in Athens). After working for several years in large companies, she realized she was not happy. "That's why I quit my job fourteen years ago and started studying different studies in the beauty field. From the moment I became a beautician, I knew: I wanted to work with my hands to enhance someone's natural beauty." Konstantina tells us that this feeling has been in her since she was a toddler. Her toys back then mainly consisted of brushes, makeup and nail polish. "Actually, even then I wanted to make every woman even more beautiful, but above all to feel confident and better."


After working in the beauty industry for a few years, she became a trainer, and it all just felt complete. "This pushed me to become even better and better." Four years ago, it was Konstantina's time to truly make her dreams come true. As an eyebrow, eyelash and permanent makeup expert and trainer, she set up MicroWonders the Salon and MicroWonders the Academy, and the business babe was born in her!

"My son gives me strength and energy to be creative in my work and in life overall,"she said.

MicroWonders can now be compared to a small family business. One of Konstantina's colleagues is responsible for managing the agenda, organizing the trainings and preparing the orders from the webshop. The other colleague is a specialist and works in the salon. "We want the best for all other beauty lovers and therefore work with great passion on MicroWonders, that's why we give the best of ourselves for our customers. We also continue to be there for our students to help them grow and set up their business."

As we know Konstantina, she is smart, calm and has a sense of humor. She herself would describe herself as a perfectionist who is flexible, but can be stubborn at times. "But apart from that, I especially love my job, I know what I want and I like to develop myself further." As with many other beauty babes, communication and getting to work with people everyday is what makes her Konstantina's job so enjoyable day in and day out. But when we asked about her biggest inspiration, hands down, it's her son. "He gives me strength and energy to be creative in my work and in life in general. He makes me want to be a better person."

Distributor In Greece

Mrs.Highbrow is proud that MicroWonders has now been a distributor of brow henna and wax, among other products, for several years. Curious to learn more? Then click on over to her Instagram or take a look at her website.