LASH LIFT • Aug 24, 2021

Lash Lift Facts Your Clients Want To Know

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Lash Lifts are an absolute must-have for your salon, as this treatment is beloved by so many clients. There are a few things you need to know if you offer lash lift treatments so that you're able to advise your clients in the best way possible. We've compiled the 10 most frequently asked questions!

#1. Can you have a lash lift during pregnancy?

We don't recommend undergoing a lash lift during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, as the hormone changes in the female body can cause the results of a lash lift to be less than you would expect. We recommend mothers to return for their lash lift after birth or breastfeeding

#2. Can a Lash Lift be done on everyone?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable candidate for a lash lift. If a client has short lashes on the shorter side or that turn down, a lash lift will not work. This is especially the case for women of Asian descent whose lashes are too short and straight for this treatment.

#3. Does a Lash Lift give a mascara look?

Something we often hear is the idea that a lash lift gives the same look as mascara would, however this is not true! A lash lift makes lashes longer but not fuller, so it does not work as a replacement for mascara. Be clear about this to your client! However, dyeing the eyelashes will ensure that blondes can also have temporarily darker eyelashes without having to wear mascara!


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#4. How long will a client enjoy her lifted lashes?

Lash lift treatments will remain for about 6 - 8 weeks, but the exact time depends on the hair cycle of a client's lashes. If your client loves to have lifted lashes all the time, it's best to advise her to schedule a new appointment with you every 6 - 8 weeks! For return visits, check her lashes to see if they are still slightly curled from a previous treatment. If they still have a curl, postpone the treatment to avoid overloading her natural lashes.

#5. Can you use an eyelash serum in combination with an eyelash lift?

You certainly can. This will only help your long-looking eyelashes to become even longer! It is good to stop using the serum a few days before the lift treatment until a few days after the treatment, giving your lashes enough time to cope with the treatment.

#6. Is a Lash Lift harmful to the eyelashes?

An eyelash lift is certainly not harmful to the eyelashes, unlike eyelash extensions and an eyelash curler. During a lash lift, soft silicone rods and care products are used. However, it is good to repeat the treatment only after the previous Lash Lift has worn off, to avoid overloading the lashes.

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#7. What can I charge for an eyelash lift treatment?

The rate you can ask for an eyelash lift treatment is highly dependent on the rest of the rates that you charge. You've probably based the existing price list on your location and expertise, so find out how long you spend on these treatments and calculate how much you charge per minute. Use the same price per minute for an eyelash lift treatment that takes about 45 minutes, including tinting. Add it all up!

#8. Can I wear eye make-up after a Lash Lift?

You can wear makeup again 24 hours after the treatment. If your client is looking for a more bold look and likes to wear mascara, we recommend that to use normal mascara rather than waterproof mascara. This is due to the fact that removing waterproof mascara is more difficult and needs an oil-based product which can cause the results of the eyelash lift to fade more quickly.

#9. Can you use any kind of make-up cleaner after a Lash Lift?

After a Lash Lift, it's best to leave the lashes alone for 24 hours, and most importantly, avoid getting water on the lashes! We also advise against going to a steam room or sauna for the first 24 hours after treatment. If a drop of moisture gets on the eyelash, the eyelash lift will be pulled down. With freshly lifted eyelashes, your client will need to be wearing eye makeup, making makeup cleanser on and around the eyes unnecessary! After 24 hours post-treatment, she can resume her normal routine, although an oil-free remover is still best for long-lasting results.

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#10. Can I use a Lash Lift on damaged lashes?

Eyelashes may have been damaged by frequent use of an eyelash curler or eyelash extensions, but a lash lift can only work well on healthy lashes. If you think that you might be dealing with damaged lashes, give your client accurate advice on how to restore healthy lashes and recommend postponing the lift treatment. As you already have their treatment time booked in, consider treating their brows to keep the attention away from the damaged lashes!

#11. How do you care for lashes after a Lash Lift?

Give your client a spoolie and oil with which to comb her lashes regularly at home. You must remind your client she cannot get her lashes wet for the first 24 hours! So no hair washing, going to the sauna or doing hot yoga. And no eye make-up for the first 24 hours. Mrs. Highbrow has handy flyers with aftercare instructions that you can give to your clients, to be sure that they take good care of their lashes and enjoy their Lash Lift as long as possible. Flyers are €7.50 for 50, or only €0.15 per piece.

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