Lash lift • Nov 10, 2022

The 4 Latest Trendy Products For Lash Lift

The Lash Lift is a tried-and-true trend that's here to stay and we at Mrs.Highbrow know this all too well. It's a no-brainer treatment, as you provide every client with a stunning, lifted look in no time. We've got some good news: with the latest revolutionary products we recently developed, you can perform every Lash Lift treatment even more easily and more efficiently!

- By Desi van Dijk

By now in 2022, the Lash Lift is a treatment that is bound to be part of your salon offerings. And likely you're performing them better and better, thanks to the latest developments. Because of valuable feedback we've gotten from you, beauty specialists in our community, we've added a number of new products to the range with the latest trends in lash lifting!

The newest products we've added will help you to perform a Lash Lift treatment easier, faster and more precisely. For example, we have developed a special Lash Elevation Brush, Glue Balm and revolutionary Lash Lift Shields that you don't want to miss.

1. Lash Elevation Brush

Lash Elevation Brush

The Lash Elevation Brush will be your new favorite tool during any Lash Lift treatment. Due to the brush being made of soft bristles that are very close together, it's quick to work with, but still gentle on the lashes. This brush is so effective because it can separate each lash so they easily stick to the shield, making it a softer alternative to a plastic tool, for example.

Treatment with the Lash Elevation Brush is no different than with the classic Lash Lift tool.

  1. Place the shield on the eyelid tightly against the lash line.
  2. Apply Adhesive or Lifting Balm to the shield.
  3. Using the Lash Elevation Brush, attach all lashes to the shield.

Due to the composition of the bristles on the brush you will have attached the lashes one by one in no time, so with this brush you'll work incredibly fast.

After each treatment you can clean the brush with water or with a special brush cleaner. Even better? With the Lash Elevation Brush you can perform hundreds of treatments, so per treatment it costs almost nothing.

Lash Elevation Brush €21.95.

2. Lifting Lash Balm

Lifting Balm

Mrs.Highbrow Lifting Balm is the latest development in the Lash Lift field. This balm has a unique formula that does not dry completely, allowing you to still make adjustments easily throughout the process.

It's the perfect alternative to traditional adhesive and especially ideal for somewhat finer lashes. A huge plus: the balm is enriched with vitamins and oils for an extra nourishing effect.

Lifting Balm, also called Glue Balm, is easily spreadable, making it very easy to use. You apply the balm to the shield the same way you would with the glue. After applying the lashes one by one against the shield, you can apply the lotions step by step. After removing step 1, you do not need to reapply the balm, as the eyelash hairs just stick well against the shield, so you can immediately apply step 2 after removing step 1. The Lash Lift process is otherwise the same as if you would do it with the glue.

Tip: for extra long and thick lashes we still recommend using the Adhesive, as the glue is slightly stronger than the Lifting Balm.

Mrs.Highbrow Lifting Balm €22.50.

3. Deluxe Lash Lift Shields

Lifting Balm

The Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy are revolutionary in several ways. The silicone material, fit, and flexibility all contribute to an optimal product that makes your Lash Lift treatment even easier. We have had the Lash Lift Shields in the range at Mrs.Highbrow for a little while now, but it is definitely worth mentioning once again as it is an outright bestseller!

"The shields are made of super flexible material, so you don't need any glue to attach them. They give a súper nice lift."

- Francien Vermeer, First Expression

Due to the high quality of silicone, the shields are super soft and flexible and your client's lashes form to the shields perfectly. This gives you a nice & even curl across the entire lash line. Because the shield is so flexible, it truly is suitable for every client! The mint green color makes the lashes easily visible on the shield so you can work very accurately.

Curious about more advantages and the opinion of other beauty specialists why they're a must-have? Then read this blog post!

LashLift Shields Soft & Easy, 4 pairs, €16,95.

4. Treatment Enhancer

You may know by now that Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer is an essential when it comes to Henna Brows, but it also improves a Lash Lift and Brow Lamination treatment!

If you use Treatment Enhancer before a lash lift, you will see that the curl is maintained even longer. If you also dye the eyelashes, the product will ensure that the color becomes even more intense and gives an even more beautiful result.

How to use Treatment Enhancer:

  1. First clean the eyelashes with an eye makeup remover - if there is still makeup on the eyes.

  2. Put some drops of Treatment Enhancer on a cotton ball and gently rub over the eyelashes.

Treatment Enhancer € 9,95.

Order Treatment Enhancer

Online Lash Lift Course

Are some terms when it comes to the Lash Lift still unfamiliar to you, or do you want to feel even more confident while performing a Lash Lift treatment? Then Mrs.Highbrow's online Lash Lift course is definitely for you! In the course training you will not only learn step by step how to proceed, but you will also learn all the ins & outs of the Lash Elevation products.

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