HENNA BROWS • Dec 05, 2021

The Secret Of Brow Henna

Henna brows mrshighbrow dyotics

In the world of eyebrows, while trends follow each other in rapid succession, henna brows are here to stay. You may be wondering, what are they exactly and what are the benefits? And what's the story behind Dyotics Brow Henna? Look no further, we're covering it all. 

- By Desi van Dijk

"In the early days of Mrs.Highbrow, about eight years ago, I was looking for a more permanent dye that would stay on the skin longer than regular brow dye," says Ska van Buren, owner and founder of Mrs.Highbrow. "In our salon we had a lot of clients who were overjoyed with their newly dyed eyebrows, but also disappointed because the color came off the skin after only one shower."

This is the case with "regular" brow dye, which only colors the hairs, and you'll only have that beautiful shadow on the skin if it's just been done. And customers wanted that look to last much longer, Ska says. "There were also customers who found it annoying to have to touch up their brows every day. Of course you can always opt for permanent make-up, but not everyone wants that. I wanted to develop something for those women."

Ska Van Buren Mrs.Highbrow Amsterdam

From Brazil to India

Ska says, "I soon thought of henna, which I knew from the beautiful decorations on Eastern women, and a long, exciting journey began! So I paid a visit to an Amsterdam shop specializing in pure henna meant for applying skin decorations. There I learned that pure henna must sit for hours and leaves a reddish-brown imprint, which wasn't what I was looking for". So Ska continued her search and ended up with Brazilian henna brands. "But because I don't speak Portuguese and many Portuguese don't speak English, this was a tricky process. After a long search, I ended up with a few Indian producers. Many samples later and endless testing - my arms and even legs were stained for weeks - our Dyotics Brow Henna was finally born."

Henna Tattoo mrs highbrow

Base: Pure Henna

Brow henna is based on pure Indian Henna; the original green powder. But to make it brow henna, color pigments are added to it to create both the desired brown tones and the sustainability of the henna. This is the formula used for professionals. Brow henna is different from regular eyebrow dye because you don't only dye the hair, but the skin as well, which makes the brows look fuller, with the effect of a tattoo. Brow henna also allows you to create super sleek brows. The henna remains on the skin for up to 14 days and colours the hair for up to 6 weeks.

Pure henna dyotics mrs highbrow

Unprocessed, pure henna.

Brow henna vs. regular tint

1. Brow Henna not only colors the hair, but also the skin, which gives a kind of tattoo effect, making eyebrows look sharper and fuller.
2. Dyotics Brow Henna colors the hair and skin more intensely than regular dye for the same tattoo effect, but allowing your client to enjoy darker brows for longer.

All things Dyotics

  • The brow henna only needs 15-20 minutes to work, giving you a great result in a relatively short time.
  • Dyōtics has 6 different colors from blonde to almost black, with five beautiful cool shades and one warm shade (Hazelnut).
  • Because the colors are all mixable, you can create the perfect shade for each customer and perfectly adapt the color to any skin and hair type.
  • Dyotics is very competitively priced, with a jar of 5 grams for just €25.95, which lasts for 40 applications. The Dyotics Brow Henna Starter Kit  costs €179.

What our customers say

Feedback from our customers is extremely important. We've developed our henna to be as economical as possible. But we do not sit still and we continue to listen to our ambassadors and customers to improve our formula every time. What do our customers say about the Brow Henna of Dyōtics?
"Fast delivery and love your products! Best henna I've ever used my clients love it thank you!!!" - Danielle Hislop
"Easy to blend, easy to apply and remove. Color was as expected, not too light or too dark with the Natural Brown." - Ineke van den Ham
"Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for." - Kristina

Support & Online Training

Mrs.Highbrow offers more than just products. We try to support the customer in every step of the process. We share Tips & Tricks to create the most perfect brow and have several tutorials online to help you or your clients become an ultimate brow boss! Curious? Take a look at our YouTube channel or watch this video on how to create an Ombre Effect.