Business • Nov 08, 2021

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Eerlijk tegen klanten mrs.highbrow blog

We want our clients to feel as good as possible, so we are happy to shower her with compliments. But when it comes to the treatments, you can't always be completely positive: here's 5 situations where honesty is important.

1. It's Just Not Possible 

Sometimes you can already see it from a distance: someone has a very oily skin that you just know the henna will never take, or their eyelashes are just way too short for a lash lift. In a situation where you know a treatment won't be successful, it's best to just be completely honest and tell them before the treatment that it's just not possible. This can be difficult, as your client is looking forward to the result, but stick to your guns. It might be waste of your time in the moment, but take your loss, it's not worth having a dissatisfied customer. It's worth to see whether the customer might want a different treatment, so the scheduled time was not for nothing.

2. Be Realistic

Sometimes treatments just don't go to plan: henna doesn't always last a full two weeks on every skin type, old permanent make-up isn't gone after one laser treatment, or an eyelash growth product that works for most people doesn't work for a client. While treatments and products almost always have gorgeous outcomes, set realistic expectations for the result to be expected to prevent disappointment later.

3. Different Taste

Occasionally, you may have a client who comes to your salon with self-drawn eyebrows and wants them tattooed exactly the way they are - except they're ugly and don't look anything like the way you would do it!  In this case, it may not reflect the way you want on your salon, so don't even try it. While this could be uncomfortable, insist that this is not your style and advise the client to go to a salon that does have this way of working.

4. Sorry, But You're Crooked!

Sometimes it is simply impossible to get two eyebrows to match because they are naturally very different. Be sure to kindly point this out in advance and don't be afraid that you might offend your client. If you don't point out her asymmetrical eyebrows, she might think after the treatment that you didn't do your job properly!

5. It Just Doesn't Suit Her

A client has booked a brow lamination treatment, but when you see her it's clear: it just doesn't suit her, she's not the type. It's best to tell her this honestly and then advise a suitable alternative, for example, giving the eyebrows a nice shaping. Remember, You're the expert, an honest opinion will only be appreciated!