WAX • Mar 03, 2024

Épilation rapide et efficace avec Film Wax Gold

The wax was out of our range for a while. But the literal golden oldie is back! Film Wax Gold is mild and effective, making your treatments even more effective. Check out the benefits of the magical golden pearls!

Film Wax Gold is back, replacing Film Wax Sparkling Blue. The wax is just as effective, only the color is different.

The wax is super suitable for the brows and the whole face. But also the whole body.

Film Wax Gold needs about 6 seconds to harden. Therefore also for the novice brow stylist.

The wax is a so-called Film Wax: super mild, flexible and takes practically all hairs with it.

Hot Film Wax is applied with a spatula after melting the wax beads in a wax heater. Then the wax solidifies and the hairs are firmly stuck in the wax. Once solidified, the wax layer - along with the hairs - is easily peeled off the skin.

Film Wax Gold is similar to Film Wax Sparkling Blue, only we no longer have it in our assortment for the time being. The wax is therefore the perfect alternative for specialists who want fast, effective and gentle hair removal.

1. Super-mild Film Wax

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Gold is super effective against unwanted hair, yet gentle on the skin. This is because the wax adheres only to the hairs and not to the skin, making skin irritation rare. This is in contrast to hair removal with strips, where you also pull on the skin when removing the wax because the liquid resin also adheres to the skin.

2. For Brows & Body

Film Wax Gold is designed not only to create perfect brows, but also to effectively remove unwanted hair on the upper lip, armpits and legs. Film Wax Gold makes it possible to treat the entire body with just one product.

3. Catches All Hair

Film Wax Gold is able to take virtually all hair. Even the fine downy hairs remain trapped in the wax when it solidifies. When you remove the wax from the skin, the hairs are taken from the root.

However, some clients have finer downy hairs that lie flatter on the skin, which may make it a little more difficult to remove even the tiniest downy hairs. In this case, it may be helpful to use thread or apply talcum powder to the skin beforehand. This makes the hairs more rigid, allowing the wax to adhere to them better.

4. Super Flexible Wax

The wax is made based on polymers. This makes Film Wax Gold very elastic and thus the wax is easy to apply all over the skin. Once you remove the film wax from the skin, the wax does not break (provided you don't apply too thin a layer) and no residue is left behind.

Film wax Gold

Once the wax has hardened, you can take it out of the silicone bucket like this. Now put other wax in your bucket, if necessary, and save the golden wax disc for next time.

5. Eye-catcher in your salon

The wax literally looks great, doesn't it? And your customers will notice that, too.

6. Long Curing Time

Film Wax Gold has a slightly longer curing time. After about 6 seconds, the wax is hard, which means you have a little more time to apply the wax properly. This makes the wax very suitable for beginning brow stylists.
When the wax no longer sticks to your fingers, it is ready to be pulled off the skin. You don't need a strip for this.

Movie Wax Gold & Azulene: The Differences

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Azulene is a hot film wax just like the gold variant. But where Film Wax Gold is very suitable for novice brow stylists, Azuleen is especially suitable for experienced specialists. This wax needs only a very short time to harden; after only 2-3 seconds the wax is dry and can be removed. This allows specialists to perform their treatments even faster and work within a tight schedule.

Furthermore, Film Wax Azulene is especially for short hairs and stubble. In addition, azulene, which is extracted from chamomile, is soothing and anti-inflammatory. This makes the wax ideally suited for the most sensitive skin.