Business • Jan 03, 2022

Focus on your Strength


Another year, with undoubtedly many good New Years resolutions. What are your plans for 2022? Our tip: focus on what you're naturally good at, and you can move mountains!

- By Desi van Dijk

To grow as a person and therefore as a beauty professional, it is important to focus on your strengths. While it's a good idea to develop the qualities that you may naturally lack, the key is actually to focus on what you are really strong at! You may ask yourself: if it's about my company, why should I specifically look at my personal qualities? But as a starting entrepreneur, you are your company!

What are you good at?

Skills that you master less easily are usually the best to brush up. For example, you might want to choose a course in English if you'd like to communicate better with foreign customers, or a course in Wordpress to be able to update your website yourself! But don't just focus on improving your weak points; if you really don't have a talent for recording Tiktok videos, then don't feel bad letting this trend pass you by, or if bookkeeping is stressing you out, get help for that! This way, you'll have time and energy for things you're really good at. Challenges are good, but be sure to guard the boundary for yourself.

"Stop comparing, think positive and be kind to yourself."

If you develop yourself further in the areas you're naturally better, you'll also find that you get a lot of positive energy in return, and this is growth as an entrepreneur! Negativity and uncertainty will only stand in the way of your growth, so self-confidence is another thing you can practice, just like walking, cycling and getting better at your job. Stop comparing, think positive, indicate your limits and accept yourself! Perhaps most importantly, be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up if you had a bad day, or if a treatment didn't go as you wanted. Always remember to praise yourself for what did go well.

These stylists found their strengths

In the Mrs. Highbrow Community, we wholly support focusing on your strength. How do our ambassadors and students focus on their strengths? What decisions have they made when it comes to offering treatments and what core strengths have they focused on?


Denise ten Bosch started her own salon 3 years ago: Browtique Amsterdam. Denise first took various courses at Mrs. Highbrow to gain as much knowledge as possible, then she really started to focus on brows and lashes. This is where her passion lies and where she gets her energy from. "I try to immerse myself in the new trends and styles every day. And if necessary, to improve myself with a specific course. But my focus and strength remains with eyebrows and eyelashes."


Amour Beauty by Linda in Helmond, Brabant, excels in powder brows, henna brows, brow lamination and lash lift. "To be the best in our profession we challenge ourselves at the highest level." At Amour Beauty by Linda, they believe that you should mainly do what you are good at. "That means making choices and only offering treatments that you 100 percent support. In other words; we focus on our strengths, so that we can offer our clients what they deserve at all times."

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