HENNA BROWS • Feb 22, 2022

Color Picking


Henna Brows have become a household name seemingly overnight! By now, every brow boss knows exactly what a major transformation henna can give to the brows. Even clients with light brows or bald spots in their brows can get the full brows of their dreams. It's high time to get inspired by other brow bosses!

- By Desi van Dijk

Your Instagram feed is likely full of beautiful pictures of the most perfect henna brows. While it can be beyond inspiring to admire the work of other brow bosses, it can also be frustrating. You might be wondering, exactly what colors do they use? And in what proportions? We've gathered some inspiration with actual tips to create these Instagram perfect brows as well!

Light Skin + Light Brows

Dyōtics henna comes in six different colors: five cool shades and one slightly warmer shade: Hazelnut. Because the colors can be mixed with each other, you can create the perfect color for every client. For clients with light skin and light brows, we recommend using one of the lightest colors: Honey. But you can also mix Honey with Taupe for example, for a slightly more intense effect. Another beautiful combo: Honey and Natural Brown. These brows that @bohemebrowbar created are a perfect example of this, using Honey and Natural Brown in a 50/50 ratio.

Does the client want slightly darker brows, but has fairly light skin? Then the color combination of Taupe and Natural Brown could be a good match. @harperbrow_made the perfect mix for her client with these colors!

Power Brows

Do you find Natural Brown too light but Ash Brown too dark? Mix it up! Just like @ebellabeauty, who provided this blond customer with real power brows.

The Right Processing Time

You can also play around with the leave-in time of the henna to make it look slightly lighter or darker. Generally, we recommend allowing the henna to soak in on the brows for 15 to 20 minutes so that the color can properly apply to the skin. The henna also needs this amount of time to develop properly, so that a beautiful brown tint emerges. However, for some brows, a leave-in time of 10 minutes is enough, especially if someone has very light, almost white hair, as these hairs absorb the henna like a sponge, with a rather dark result. So be careful when working with these types of brows! Don't pick a shade too dark in the beginning, It's better to start a little lighter and let the henna stay on a little longer, so it turns out a little darker.

Ombré Effect

The best leave-in time varies from 10 to 20 minutes. The front of the brow (about 1 cm) should always be removed earlier to prevent the eyebrows from becoming very blocky in shape. For this so-called ombré effect, remove the henna at the base after 5-7 minutes with a moist cotton swab. Sometimes you can see that the color has not applied sufficiently to the skin, and in this case, apply some henna again and let it soak in for another 5-10!

One Color That Fits Perfectly

Sometimes you have a client where a base color already fits perfectly, and mixing the henna would just be unnecessary. @the.beautyspell used only the color Taupe on the beauty below. And what a stunning brow it made!

In another perfect example @mia.w.makeup only used the color Ash Brown on the client below. This color perfectly matches the skin tone and the natural color of the brows, creating a beautiful and natural look!

Dark Skin + Dark Brows

For clients with light-toned or dark skin, dark brows can always work well, and the colors Ash Brown and Raven are ideal for this. Below you can see how @browsby_lex creates a beautiful result with Ash Brown and a little bit of Raven. Raven is almost black, so be careful with this shade! The color is only suitable for clients with dark skin or to make other colors more intense.

Free Color Theory Course

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