BROW LAMINATION • Jun 22, 2021

Brow Lamination Aftercare Tips

Brow Lamination Brow Lift Mrs.Highbrow

Your clients will be overjoyed when they walk out the door with beautifully lifted eyebrows. But how do you make sure they enjoy your brow lamination treatment for as long as possible? By treating and caring for their eyebrows as well as possible. Our tips.

By Anouk Bruel | Photo: @debrauwvrouw

Advice for the first 24 hours

The first hours after a brow lamination treatment are very decisive. It's important to let your clients know not to touch their gorgeous Brow Laminated brows for the first 24 hours and not to get them wet. So that means no brow makeup, tanning products or thorough face washing. Do not shower, swim, exercise or go to the sauna. This will help avoid irritation around her eyebrows and give the brows time to harden. Be clear about the fact that eyebrows always remain deformable, even after a Brow Lamination treatment. 

Care between treatments

Brow Lamination may be performed every 6 to 8 weeks. So between treatments, it's up to the client to take the best possible care of her full, brushed-up eyebrows. 

Tip 1: Use moisturising cream or oil

Recommend that the eyebrows be treated with a moisturising cream or oil every day before going to bed. The hairs have taken a beating during treatment and love to be nurtured with ingredients like argan oil and castor oil to strengthen and grow. A great product for this is Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow Oil. With this handy roll-on bottle, your client applies these magical ingredients to her brows, after which she only has to comb it with a brush in the direction of the lift. The oil nourishes, makes the hair shine and also stimulates hair growth.

Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow Oil

Tip 2: Keep combing

In addition to applying the cream or oil, it is recommended to comb the hair in the right direction twice a day with a spoolie brush. The fact that the result of a Brow Lamination treatment lasts 4 to 6 weeks does not mean that your client does not have to do anything after the treatment. After all, you don't leave the hairdresser or hairstylist with the idea that you won't have to brush, wash or style your hair for the next few weeks. Also be clear during the treatment that every morning the hair must be combed in the right direction.

Brow lamination lift care verzorgen

Tip 3: Handle with care

When the first 24 hours after the treatment have passed, it's okay to get the eyebrows wet. In fact, you don't want your client to have to skip her daily face wash or trip to the gym because of her eyebrows. What you can say, however, is that it's a good idea to avoid roughing it with a towel after washing it. It is always better to treat the brows with care. Has your client booked a holiday in the sun? For underwater swimming, a large pair of goggles could protect the brows. If you choose not to protect your eyebrows while swimming, it's best to let them air dry. Afterwards, comb the hairs back into shape with an eyebrow brush.

Tip 4: Using eyebrow gel or brow soaps

Brow Lamination last for 4-6 weeks. Advise your client to use eyebrow gel or Brow Soap if she notices that combing alone no longer provides the desired result. While it's still too early to schedule another treatment, for example. These products allow you to enjoy the results between treatments even longer. Let's rock these brushed-up brows!

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap

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