SALON • Jul 19, 2021

Keep Your Tools Sharp And Clean

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Your tools are everything to you. After all, no matter how magical your hands are, you can't create a perfect brow without good tools. But how do you make sure your tweezers and scissors stay in tip top shape? We’ve got a few tips to keep them clean and sharp.

How do I get sharp tweezers again?

Did you know Tweezerman offers a free sharpening service especially for professionals? You can request to send in your tools that are getting blunt to be resharpened. The catch? As the service is in the USA, shipping costs are high and you’ll have to pay import duties and VAT on your own products when they come back! Yes, really, we have experienced this ourselves! It makes the most sense to bring your tweezers to a sharpening service nearby; in many big cities you can find shops that specialize in sharpening knives and tweezers.

DIY: Sharpen your tweezers yourself

There are special metal files you can use to sharpen your tweezers yourself, you’ll just need to ensure the file you use for this has a rough grit! It’s very simple to do: clamp the file between the tweezers, keep the pressure on and go back and forth a few times with the tweezers. Check to see if the tips have become razor sharp again - it will likely only take up to 15 seconds and you’re all set! We also sell special files for single use, grab them here!

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How do I clean my brow tools?

It is important to clean your tools after each client, not just under tap water, but with a disinfectant. Doing so will prevent your tools from becoming a source of contamination in your salon. We recommend Barbicide, our happy partner who just happens to be number 1 in disinfectants! You'll find various Barbicide products in our shop that’ll get your products spotless. And you can continue to serve your customers carefree. Another handy trick is placing the small dipping glass on your work table to easily place your tweezers and scissors in it after each customer.

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How do I clean my spoolies?

Your toolkit is likely home to tweezers, pliers and eyebrow scissors, but what about spoolies? Do you use disposable spoolies to save on cleaning? If not, a high-quality spoolie is a must and requires a good cleaning. If your spoolie is made of synthetic nylon, it’s best to use a paper towel and alcohol to disinfect it by applying the alcohol directly to the spoolie and then twisting it clean in a paper towel. For spoolies made of natural hair, alcohol is actually not recommended, but rather use a mild detergent instead. After cleaning, it’s best to wrap the spoolie in a towel to dry and place it upright in a glass to dry completely. The takeaway? Disposable or nylon spoolies are the most hygienic options!

Pro tip: Always have an extra set!

A pro tip from Team Mrs. Highbrow is to always have at least one extra set of tools on hand. This way, not only will you always be able to clean your tweezers & scissors in the Barbicide between treatments, you’ll have a backup pair of tweezers on hand just in case yours aren’t as sharp as you need at that moment!