BROW MAPPING • May 03, 2021

Brow Mapping: From Thread to Contour Paste

Dyotics Brow Henna brow mapping

Want to create even more beautiful eyebrows? We've got three tools to help you create the cleanest lines possible.
Brow mapping is popular. But at Mrs.Highbrow, we believe in it to a certain extent. Especially when it comes to detailed measuring. You can put two identical eyebrows on someone's face, but hardly anyone is completely symmetrical. When drawing, you have to take into account that one eye can be higher or deeper, or that the other eye is simply a fraction larger. Two symmetrical eyebrows can then create a strange image. Setting perfect eyebrows is therefore not just about measuring out well, but much more about insight and feeling. A good brow specialist has an eagle eye for these kinds of details.

Keep it simple

Our advice is: don't take endless measurements when it comes to Henna Brows. Henna brows only last a short time compared to permanent make-up, which is where brow mapping actually comes from. Moreover, you can't create a whole new shape with brow henna. So it's very handy to use mapping thread, a marker pen or contour cream to create straight lines, but keep the measuring down.

White Mapping Thread

Mapping thread is a useful tool to get henna brows as sharp as possible. You simply stamp five lines: at the base, from A to B at the top and from B to C. And then at the bottom from the base to the kink and from the kink to the tail. You apply the henna within these lines.

Brow mapping Dyotics Brow Henna

Dyotics White Marker Pen

Do you think the lines you created with the mapping thread are too light? You can easily make them thicker with the Dyotics White Marker Pen. The thicker pen also creates a barrier. But you can also draw lines on the fly. Or use this pen if you ar a threading rookie, to be sure you don't ruin the shape.

Dyotics Contour Paste

Contour Paste really creates a barrier between the eyebrow and the skin. This prevents the henna from running and keeps the lines clean. You can apply the paste freehand with our special Highlighting / Contour brush. Or you can first draw lines using mapping thread and then fill them in with the paste. Note: the contour paste has a dry structure. So moisten your brush first so you can apply the cream smoothly.

Products Used

Dyotics White Mapping Thread

Dyotics marker pen brow mapping

Dyotics Contour Paste brow mapping

Highligher brush