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Instagram-Worthy Brows: How to Get The Best Content


It's something we all have to deal with in 2023: how can I make the best content with my results as a brow specialist? After all, we all know the feeling of wasting & not sharing the gorgeous brows you just created, or worse, the photos or videos just not doing them justice! We tapped our content creator for her best tips and some examples to get a handle on this eternal struggle once and for all.

- By Anouk Bruel



1. Highlighter

A straight line concealer can make eyebrows look even more defined. And the perfect highlighter gives that final accent every brow professional is looking for. Apply this perfectly straight line using a flat brush. Remember, too, that your clients really care about how they look following beauty treatment. So use make-up with care, and make sure it’s not overdone. It's just icing on the cake, that not every eyebrow needs.

Perfect brows by brow guru Kelley Baker. With a subtle line concealer

2. Position

First, make sure your client is in a reclined position. Let them settle into the treatment chair for a moment, so that you can capture the results. You’ll notice that you see the brow from the best angle this way. Also, that the eyebrow looks much thinner when you take pictures with your customer sitting or standing up.Remember: the thicker the better!

3. Light

Just like during the beauty treatment itself, it’s important to have good lighting above the eyebrows now, too. If shadows are visible while taking the shot, - such as the reflection of your own hand - angle your camera just a little more alongside the face. This means you’ll get sufficient light, as well as the right angle.

Tip: Ringlamp

You get even better results using a ring lamp. They come in various shapes and sizes, but are essentially all the same: it’s a round lamp with a hole in the center, which you can point your mobile or camera through. This gives you the best possible light coverage, everything in the picture is lit evenly, and there are almost no shadows

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How the photo can be improved?

× The photo was taken from behind.
× The focal point is not the eyebrow itself.
× The lighting is poor.
× The tattoo may be distracting. But make a point of it by framing it properly in the photo, along with the eyebrow. Or take the photograph from the other side, so the tattoo is not partly in view.

4. The right angle 

Once your client is settled, the skill comes in photographing from the right angle. Always do this from directly overhead. Looking up, you soon risk giving the appearance of a double chin. And no matter what size the forehead really is, it will often look enormous from behind.So the best pictures come simply from the brow specialist's viewpoint: from above.

5. Photoshop 

Photoshop? Surely you don't need it if you have perfect eyebrows? Not in theory, no. But your client might suffer from redness, blemishes or pimples. In which case it can produce a more attractive photo if you make the skin a little smoother or remove certain spots. After all, you want attention to be focused on the eyebrows, and for there to be nothing to distract from this focal point. When it comes to redness, it can sometimes help to reduce color saturation. There’s a tool you can use a tool to remove spots and smooth the skin. Handy apps that can help with this are Aviary, Facetune and Photoshop. But make sure it doesn't become artificial, and stay true to your own style. It’s not a modeling competition.

6. Open eyes

It is of course partly a matter of taste, but clearly we prefer to photograph our clients with their eyes open. Certainly whenever a stunner with incredibly beautiful lashes and eyes comes into the salon. Tell your client they don't have to look straight into the camera. You get the best effect if the eyes are looking just past the camera, and catch a glint of light. Moreover, with eyes open, you can show the expressive look that eyebrows give following beauty treatment.No sleeping beauties, but natural beauties.



7. Mirroring and Rotating

If you always take pictures from the same angle, your Instagram feed might soon come across as "boring". Whereas there is a very simple way to create more interest. Namely, by mirroring photos and alternating these in your feed. And by rotating the pictures. This allows you to make your profile that little bit more dynamic, and it stays interesting for the client to scroll through. How do you mirror your photos? It’s actually an option in almost every photo editing app, but certainly in the ones we mentioned above.

Brows by @thisiscyrille. Your Instagram feed will become more dynamic if you show the brows from different angles.

8. Before & After 

Before and after shots always work well. Certainly if you have a few "wow brows" and the result is very clearly obvious following beauty treatment. If you go for this option, make sure you take the photos from exactly the same angle, with the same light, and from the same distance. It should be two identical pictures, with the only difference being the eyebrows. You might choose to post both photos on social media, so that your followers can swipe through themselves. But you can also put the eyebrows straight into a collage. A handy app you can use for this is Framemagic or InShot. If you want to make a collage for your Instagram Story, then Unfold also has great designs to offer.


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✔ The right angle. Check.
✔ Open eyes. Check.
✔ Flawless skin. Check.
✔ Sublte Photoshopping. Check.
✔ Amazing Highbrows. Check.