How to • Oct 09, 2018

Into The Blue



The new year has only just begun. And that means we go back to the basics. What is at least as important as the result of your treatments? The way you work! As hygienic as possible, with blue wonder Barbicide.

By Anouk Bruel


Every brow specialist doesn't want to think about anything but creating a pair of dazzling eyebrows, whether it's a Henna Brow or a fluffy one. But unfortunately cleaning is also required. Barbicide is our favorite one. This is the market leader in the field of disinfectants and provides bacteria, germ and virus-free materials à la minute.


Barbicide offers cleaning products that you might prefer to hide in a kitchen cupboard, but also items such as the mini bottle and immersion heater. And if it is up to Mrs.Highbrow's specialists, they don't have to end up in a cleaning loft at all. Put it down at your workplace. And leave it after you use it. The customers will note that you are aware of the hygiene rules.

Price: €11,95.


Tweezers En Tangetjes

Both the mini vial and the disinfection dispenser can be filled with Barbicide concentrate. This is the liquid that has a disinfecting effect and provides spotless tools within half a minute. The difference is that the mini bottle is specially designed for small tools: tweezers, tweezers, eyebrow scissors, files and tongs. In addition to browser browsers, manicure and pedicure specialists can also handle this.


Van Wenkbrauwspecialist Tot Kapper

The Barbicide plunger is perfect for cleaning many tools at the same time. This plunger is therefore not only suitable for the brow stylist, manicure and pedicure, but also for the hairdresser. Another difference is that the mini bottle is just a bit more compact, making it the easiest to fit on your work table. Consider how much space you have and which tools you need disinfected in no time.

Price: €33,95.