HOW TO • Mar 23, 2021

Choose Wisely: Brow Lift ór Brow Henna

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Can you combine Henna Brows and Bow Lamination in one treatment? The answer is simple: no. And we will explain why it is better and more beautiful not to apply these treatments together.

Henna Brows and Brow Lamination are two extremely popular treatments. So it's not surprising that we often get the question whether you can combine these treatments for a more than perfect eyebrow. After all, you want to do everything you can to achieve the ultimate result. Yet these treatments are not suitable for simultaneous use. This is because both treatments are a chemical process, with the risk of over-treating the eyebrows. This can have a negative effect on the hair, but the skin can also be irritated.

Focus on the hairs

Bummer? Not really! Because we think it is much nicer to choose either a henna brow or a lifted brow. After all, with henna brows you want to have the eyebrows as sleek as possible. If you were to apply brow lamination as well, in which the hairs are set fluffy upright, then it would be much too intense. On the other hand, with brow lamination you want to focus on the hairs. If you also tint the skin - the purpose of henna brows - then you will see less of the hairs and the effect of brow lamination will be lost. In short, opt for one of these treatments.

Regular brow dye

Does a customer insist on tinted eyebrows? No problem! But then choose regular dye or the lightest shade of Hybrid Dye. This colors only the hair and not the skin, making the brow lamination look even more beautiful. You apply this after the second step in the lifting process.

Fluffy brows with brow gel

Does a customer with henna brows want a slightly opulent look? Then recommend Brow Gel or Brow Fix. Brow Soap is a little less suitable, because the henna will disappear from the skin quicker, due to - the name says it all - the cleansing effect of soap.

3 days waiting time

Can't you combine brow henna at all? Yes, it is possible, provided you wait at least three days in between treatments. First you create henna brows and after at least three days you can apply brow lamination. In practice, of course, it's not so convenient to have a customer come back after a few days.

How to pick a treatment?

How do you determine whether a customer is better off with henna brows or with brow lamination? That has everything to do with her wishes - does she want them sharp and compact or more fluffy? Brow Lamination is really only possible if you have fairly long hairs. Brow Henna can be used on everyone. Unless someone really has very bald brows, since henna does not stamp on patches of skin without hair.