SALON • Sep 21, 2021

Give Every Client The Best Experience

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Can you make a customer feel good just by creating some amazing brows? That's definitely a part of it, but that's not all! There are a few ways to ensure clients have a pleasant experience in your salon and are even more likely to leave a good review. We've got the 10 best ways to help you put clients at ease.

1. It's nice to see you!

Every client wants to be seen, so why not give them a little extra attention? You can do this by welcoming them, asking them to take a seat and offering them a drink. That way, the customer's positive experience starts right when they walk in rather than from the treatment chair.

2. That sounds like music...

First things first: put on some nice background music. Try the Spotify lists for coffee shops or cafes, for example, or search for Mrs.Highbrow and listen to our 'Morning Salon' and 'Afternoon Salon' Spotify list. Do you give beauty treatments? If so, spa music will do the trick.

3. The right temperature

While you can't control the climate, you can control your salon's thermostat! Is it high summer and the sun is shining directly on your brow bar? Consider getting some blinds or air conditioning, as you don't want your client to feel uncomfortable because there's a bead of sweat on her brow. The same goes for winter days, is it quite drafty? If you think it might be, provide a blanket, so the customer can really relax.

4. A nice drink

A drink can go a long way when you want to put someone at ease. But remember, coffee is not the best for every situation, especially not when it is your customer's turn! Try offering a glass of water from a water carafe with fresh mint or lemon. If you'd like to give a customer who has to wait a while a cup of coffee or tea, make sure that you have good coffee and tea in the house!

5. Not too much noise

Avoid making too much noise, as too much noise can make it difficult for your client to be able to fully relax. While you can't avoid noise from your work, the right design of your salon can help make up for a lot. Make sure your salon has good insulation, double glazing or separate corners shielded by plants! 

6. Pay attention to your body language

As salon owners, we often pay attention to the words we use. But what's even more important is our body language, especially with a new client, as this is what puts someone at ease! Keep your hands and arms relaxed in front of or next to your body, be careful not to fold them over each other, and try to stay away from your face! Adopt a confident posture, not slouching and try to adapt your body language to that of your client, you will actually build a stronger relationship this way.

7. Attention for the client

This sounds obvious, but it happens often that specialists don't fully focus on the client, making them feel uncomfortable. It might happen that several specialists are working and have a conversation with each other, which is good for the team building, but not during treatments!

8. Giving explanations

You can always put a client at ease by explaining what you are doing throughout the treatment. Eyebrows and eyelashes are so visible that clients make themselves vulnerable by entrusting this to you! So tell them step by step what you are doing, unless a client has been coming for the same treatment for a while, then you can decide if you feel an explanation is still necessary.

9. Don't push

Don't push your customers! Especially not to purchase products, book a new appointment, or leave a review. There is a big difference between gently encouraging and consciously pushing. The latter can make your client feel uncomfortable just after the treatment, you want to give them the feeling that the choice is theirs.

10. Know your client

With one client you may remember her whole life story, while with another you may have trouble remembering her name. Don't worry, it happens to everyone! As a rule, always check before each appointment which name it was booked under, so you know how to address the next beauty in your chair. Besides, you don't want your client to have to repeat the same things whenever she visits. Are you not the best at remembering information? Make a short note with each client, so you can always check who you have in front of you.