HENNA BROWS • Nov 02, 2021

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dyotics Brow Henna


At some point, you've probably found yourself wondering, how do you determine the right henna color for a client's brows? How long can a jar be used after opening it, and what is the best application time? We asked you about your most frequently asked questions about Dyotics Brow Henna - here's the answers.

1. What Is The Best Application Time?

We recommend to let Dyōtics Brow Henna sit for 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, the color can properly adhere to the skin and the henna has time to develop into a beautiful brown color. If you remove the henna too soon, you may still see a greenish-yellow glow (the natural colour of henna is green). With very light-colored eyebrows, where the hairs are almost white, 10 minutes' application time is sometimes sufficient. Light hairs absorb the henna like a sort of sponge, which can very quickly lead to a result that is too dark.

2. How To Mix Dyotics?

Dyōtics henna should be mixed with warm to hot tap water; mix 1 scoop of powder with 12-15 drops of water. Each box contains a scoop and a pipette to ensure the correct ratio every time.

3. Can You Mix All Colors?

All Dyōtics colors are ready to use, but you can also mix them to achieve the perfect shade for your client. You can make a color more intense by adding a pinch of a darker color; by using only a pinch of a darker color, you make sure the base color still dominates. We don't recommend mixing more than two shades. This makes it unnecessarily complicated, as you can get a good result with just two shades.

4. How To Get A Warmer Shade?

There are five more ashy colors and one warmer shade: Hazelnut. Hazelnut can therefore be used to warm up other shades. A warmer tone can look good on clients with a red glow in their hair or a light skin with freckles.

5. How Do You Determine The Right Color For Each Client?

It's important to listen carefully to your clients' wishes, but also check skin type and hair color. With the color chart it is easy determine the right shade of Brow Henna. Is it the first time someone is going for henna brows? Then choose a shade that's not too dark, so he or she can slowly get used to a more pronounced brow.

Dyotics Brow Henna Color Chart

6. How To Prevent A Yellow-green Glow?

Henna powder is naturally green and if you don't follow the right steps, your henna mix may have a greenish-yellow glow. This is, of course, something you definitely want to avoid for your client. After mixing the henna with warm water, you should leave the henna to stand for 5-10 minutes. This is the time it takes for the henna to develop into a beautiful brown colour. Do the eyebrows have a slightly yellow-green glow afterwards? This usually disappears quickly, even before the client gets home.

7. What If The Henna Leaves A Red Glow?

The henna can leave a red glow if your client has used self-tanning products or a spray tan. Advise your client not to use self-tanning products for at least two weeks prior to the treatment.

8. How Do You Apply The Henna?

The best and easiest way to apply Dyōtics henna is with the specially developed double-sided henna brush. This brush allows you to work very precisely. You can also apply the henna with an Angled Brush. This brush is slightly thicker and therefore perhaps not suitable for very thin eyebrows. You will have to try it out to see which brush works best for you.

Brow henna brush

9. What Are Those White Balls? 

The white balls in the powder are gum. Gum ensures that the henna binds well with water. Once you have mixed the henna with water and left it to stand for 5-10 minutes, they dissolve automatically. If any white balls have not dissolved, you can crush them with a micro-brush. These white balls have no effect on the result.

10. How Long Can The Henna Be Kept?

After opening the jar the henna can be used for 9 months. If you continue to use the henna after nine months, it will be much less effective. In any case the powder will gradually darken after opening, due to oxygen. This has no effect on the result; the henna will not turn darker on the skin.

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