SPOT ON • Jan 17, 2021

Meet Lena, our US Distributor

Blue Rose Brow Artistry Canada distributor
Mrs.Highbrow teams up with entrepreneurs worldwide with the same passion: eyebrows! Like our US distributor Lena Gabrahana (39), CEO of BRB Brow Industry in Little Rock, Arkansas. Time to introduce this power lady.  
Lena's passion for the beauty industry begon in high school. "I used to do all of my friends makeup for school dances and proms. They would be lined up in our living room. But when I graduated I pursued another career that led me to cooperate America. I spent years climbing the cooperate ladder and stayed in upper management as an executive for many years. Ultimately I was not happy. Not happy with who I was, or who I had become. Everyday was awful. But I did learn many valuable business, management and marketing skills in my role."

"I always was fascinated with brows and began to study the art of eyebrow."

Never give up

In 2009 Lena was laid off and made the choice to follow her dreams and never give up. "I immediately went back into makeup doing print work for New York Fashion Week, local fashion shows, special events and weddings. I also learned lash extensions and did that service for about two years. Although I was very good at extensions it was never my passion. I always was fascinated with brows and began to study the art of eyebrows. Eyebrows can completely transform a look and balance out facial structure. In my region of the country there were not many brow specialist in 2013, so I had to travel to learn from experts. Diving into my brow career led me to permanent makeup, what is now my main career."

"I like to be busy and I am always striving for the next step in my career."

PMU Academy

In 2018 it was time for a new step and Lena created BRB Brow Artistry, a company that supports US Brow Artists in education and distribution. "I have a strong passion for teaching and inspiring others to start their career in the amazing PMU and brow industry. I have been an educator for the past four years. And last year we launched Beauty Ink Academy, a state accredited licensed PMU Academy. As you can tell my hands are pretty full! But I actually like to be busy and I always strive for the next step in my career. It definitely has not been a smooth or easy road as an entrepreneur, but it is one I wouldn't change for anything. Most of it is finding where you are supposed to be."

At this moment Lena has six employees and is hiring a seventh next week. "My further plans and goals this year are to focus on student education and build our distribution brand. Eventually I would like to have several brick and mortar's across the US. I love inspiring others, I love seeing them grow and develop into amazing artists. Although I own and operate many avenues of my business I work on clients three days a week. Because I love creating beautiful works of art that helps people to feel more beautiful."

"Dyotics exceeded my expectations"

We are very pleased that Lena have chosen for Mrs.Highbrow and Dyotics. Why these brands? Lena: "From the first time I saw Dyotics' Instagram it captured my attention. I loved the clean look and feel. I had to try the products and they exceeded my expectations. At the time I was vamping up my distribution company and looking for a good henna. I am proud to the US distributor for Dyotics." 
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