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Mrs.Highbrow Academy 2.0: become a master of your craft


Mrs.Highbrow has been the go-to place for customised eyebrow-training for years. Now it's time for our Academy 2.0: bigger, more beautiful and with a more comprehensive range of courses. A tour.


Do you want to learn how to make even sharper henna brows? Will you not rest easy until one of your pictures is @archaddict approved? And do you want to be able to work faster, leaving you with more of a margin? In short, do you want to become the best brow specialist in your region? We are ready to make you an even better entrepreneur at our brand new academy. With the best teachers, a lot of personal attention and state-of-the-art materials; from basic Brow-stylist courses to advanced workshops, such as Henna Brows or Brow Lamination. Our academy is not new, of course: the location has changed. As Mrs.Highbrow founder Ska van Buren, who introduced the concept of a 'brow bar' in the Netherlands five years ago, puts it: “We go way back.”


Fully booked from day 1

A barbershop, but for eyebrows, that was the idea behind Mrs.Highbrow. With the chairs positioned side by side, just like at the barber’s. "I had no idea if it was going to work," Ska says. "Because it would take some time for women to get used to having their eyebrows done out in the open, rather than in a separate room like the one at the beautician's. But it turned out to be a success." Mrs.Highbrow made it to several national newspapers, and starting day one, the five Belmont barber chairs were occupied 90% of the time. Women who had never had their eyebrows done before showed up at the salon in curiosity after reading about 'that they should have something done about their eyebrows,' in the NRC. Soon there was no more room for walk-ins, and we were booked up at least three weeks in advance. Mrs.Highbrow had become a household name in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

It wasn't just women who were looking for the best version of themselves. We got more and more demand from beauticians and eyelash stylists for training sessions. And so it came to pass. Every Monday, the salon was converted into an academy, and women and men from all over the country - and beyond - signed up for training sessions. We had students from Belgium and the UK, Germany and even Peru, Hawaii and Japan. That was flattering and fun, but also hectic and busy. The salon was bursting at the seams.


A day of training 

This is how the plan for a larger academy came into being: a place where we are better able to teach, in peace and quiet; where we want nothing more than to share the know-how we have accumulated over all these years. And you can really sense that. As soon as you walk into our Academy on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the love for eyebrows is virtually palpable. After a warm welcome from our office manager, the products we have carefully developed for true brow professionals (to be) are displayed left and right. All while the larger than life-sized beauties, Jeff and Danielle - pictured on the panels separating the waiting room from the course room - enchant you with their gaze. The wooden table allows for enough space for you and up to five other attendees to master the theoretical part; our Head of Training calmly walks you through all the must-knows and tips & tricks. And, of course, there is plenty of time afterwards to ask all your burning questions.



 In the meantime, the models will have taken a seat in the waiting room, so we are now ready to start with the practical part. Our Academy salon has six beautiful, vintage barber chairs at the ready to put the theory into practice and create the picture-perfect brows. This all reflects some of the vintage atmosphere where it all started.


From tweezing to threading

Our course range is diverse, but it all starts with the basics: learning how to properly shape eyebrows. That goes beyond just tweezing. It entails taking a close look at the shape of one's face, the natural eyebrows, to create the most powerful look. This is all covered in the Brow Stylist course. You will also learn how to wax and dye the eyebrows with regular dyes. At the end of the day, you will know the basics of styling a pair of stunning eyebrows. Then, it's up to you: lots and lots of practice so you can eventually sign up for the advanced courses, such as Henna Brows, Brow Lamination or Threading. Got some experience under your belt? That means you can immediately start these courses!



Review about our senior trainer: "Francien is a gem. She made us feel comfortable and gave us valuable tips.




Pssst… Talent wanted

Our academy is not just a place where you can perfect your craft. You might also get scouted for a job at our salon on the Van Woustraat. We are always looking for enthusiastic, talented people.

Henna Brows from home

We are very excited to welcome you to our new Academy. Are you unable to come to Duivendrecht? Fairly experienced eyebrow specialists can also take the Henna Brows or Brow Lamination online course at home. The course includes a starter kit and certificate as well as six weeks of online coaching. All your questions can be asked on the app, and your photos can be sent for evaluation to our trainer and specialist, Michel.


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Location: Industrieweg 59, 1115 AD Duivendrecht