Mrs.Highbrow & Dyotics In Australia


She only became a distributor of Mrs.Highbrow and Dyōtics products at the beginning of this year, but this boss babe knows what she wants and what she stands for. That she lives in a small town in Queensland, Australia, doesn't stop Soria Gasio, she thinks big!

- By Desi van Dijk

In the middle of Queensland in Australia lies Mount Isa, an old and small mining town, where together with her sister-in-law and three employees, Soria runs her booming business Le'MUA Beauty. This runaway success of a family business hasn't stopped with just a salon, but has started a wholesale business!

Mrs.Highbrow & Dyōtics

"A lot of people I followed on Instagram I saw using Mrs.Highbrow and Dyōtics products," Soria says. "When I saw the results, I immediately wanted to try them out too. We were instantly obsessed!" Since early 2022, Le'MUA Beauty has not only been working with Mrs.Highbrow's products in the salon, but also selling them. They offer almost all products from Mrs.Highbrow and Dyōtics, which is perfect if you have your beauty salon in Australia... no more long delivery times with the fastest and nicest service at Le'MUA.

Passion for Beauty

Soria's passion for the beauty industry began with the days of teen magazine Dolly: "I was so interested in the beauty industry that I left school early and went into hairdressing. I then also started working as a hairdresser and in addition I had customer service related jobs." From a young age, Soria knew she wanted to start something for herself. Soria started working from home, but in 2008 it was time to open a real salon. Le'MUA was born and Soria was able to completely put her passion into it.

Good News for Australian Specialists

After attending a number of courses in New Zealand, Sydney, and Brisbane and in other parts of Oceania, Soria felt good enough to start for herself. She currently offers eyelash, eyebrow, makeup and tattoo treatments. When we ask how this boss babe would describe her business she says: "My salon has a very diverse clientele and therefore suits everyone. This also applies to my webshop. In the beauty business we specialize in offering the best beauty products, tools and all other necessities. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, we have the right tools."


Le'MUA set up their own retail online shop for professionals in 2021. "We started out selling makeup, but we noticed that there was a lot of demand for professional products. Especially since Mount Isa is such a remote area." Currently, Le'MUA offers makeup, tanning products, eyebrow supplies and Dyōtics and Bronsun.

Favorite quote from Soria: "Take one day at a time. Life is so busy and we need to know how to slow down and embrace the journey!'

The Future

Soria hopes to train others in the beauty industry in the future. "Encouraging people in their biggest dreams and telling them they can do anything they set their minds to seems amazing to me. I'm all about self-development!" We would only say "yes, very much and amen" if Soria makes her dream come true.

Curious to see more from Le'MUA? Take a quick look at their Instagram or visit the website!